Will Artificial Intelligence Take Over the Seat of Human Resources Executives?

Will Artificial Intelligence Take Over the Seat of Human Resources Executives?
Will Artificial Intelligence Take Over the Seat of Human Resources Executives?

Although artificial intelligence has been on the agenda for a long time, it is still a new concept. Recently, however, it has also begun to shape Human Resources processes. But how does artificial intelligence affect the work of HR professionals? 

HR processes were passed from the personnel management to the Human Resources management. Continues to renew itself without slowing down. Customer-focused businesses have noticed that. In customer experience, employee satisfaction of basic success is very important. In Talent Economy, budgets allocated to HR processes and thus the use of technology are increasing.

It’s been on our agenda for a long time. However, artificial intelligence, which is still a new concept, shapes Human Resources processes. So, what is this artificial intelligence? Intelligence can be defined as the technology used to complete any task that needs to be used. The difference is from ordinary software. It can process huge amounts of quality data in a very short time with highly advanced algorithms. Artificial intelligence has not yet set its sights on the HR professionals. On the contrary, HR is working to strengthen the seat of professionals. Here are some of the things artificial intelligence can do for HR:

Recruitment Processes

Recruitment managers and unit managers are of the opinion that they make decisions about the candidate during the first 60 seconds of the interview. We are looking for data to support these decisions in the rest of the job interview. Despite all the tests, evaluation center applications, various inventories used, we still encounter faulty recruitment, dissatisfied and inefficient employees. It is possible to minimize these errors with artificial intelligence. A high number of employees have software that examines technical and social competencies and performance. This software link information. Algorithms that contain outputs about what role and which features are expected to carry out your recruitment process. Artificial intelligence starts from CV scanning, arranges for video interview, transmits and evaluates various inventories to the candidate. Artificial intelligence helps you to alleviate your workload and find the right talent.

Training and Development

The impact of training and development processes on employee engagement and performance is undeniable. So, we do not know what to improve and how much of our efforts in this way we receive. Well, someone with our high-performance employees should review and analyze their competence, attitude and behavior. A model should be identified for this person and then find out in which areas other employees are missing? Wouldn’t be bad at work if there was someone like that, right? We can even go further and add some suggestions on which trainings we can complete. It would be great to measure the change / performance increase in employees after training. Companies that undertake all these processes for you through artificial intelligence have already started to take their place in the market.

Employee Engagement / Experience

While driving, you will start with a beep and have the following warning on your car screen. Fatigue detected, you’d better take a coffee break. I wish someone would follow your team and warn you (Alex loses his commitment, you better take care of it). Some of the software has been following your e-mail and internal communication portal correspondence since two years ago. These software review people’s words and emojis and warn you about your employee’s commitment. The software also offers you personalized recommendations to increase employee engagement.

The value created and created by artificial intelligence in HR processes is obvious. Here we have only touched on a limited part. Different solutions that can be produced by artificial intelligence in HR processes continue to be developed. So, is artificial intelligence going to take away our business? It is possible that certain roles will disappear. However, it is certain that this movement will create new roles. Instead of being afraid, it’s time to start using it to improve our processes and achieve effective results!

For more information you can find pdf of artificial intelligence in human resource management. The importance of artificial intelligence in HR cannot be underestimated. The impact of artificial intelligence on human resource management will increase. Search from the Internet AI in HR analytics. You will also find the following content useful. Application of artificial intelligence in human resources pdf. It will be increase that companies using AI in HR. We’ll see this together.


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