Why Should We Hire You?

Why Should We Hire You? (Job interview question)
Why Should We Hire You? (Job interview question)

There is no one who goes to job interviews and does not hear this question. In order to find the best answer to this question, you should first look at why you are asked. If you are accepted to work, you will know best what you can add to the business.

It is different to hear from you what you can do as you know the value of your skills and experience best. This is very important for the HR specialist. You also share information about yourself with the vision you have with this question.

What is The Right Answer to This Question?

First of all, you should try to give concrete examples. To do this, you should take your resume in your hand and read it carefully. Needless to say, it’s a summary of your career. When reading your CV, identify the benefit or benefits of the company that will hire you.

Highlight your resume with the features you have. You should write clearly and understandably what you have accomplished in your previous work. Superficial information about the work you are responsible for is insufficient.

  • I was the sales representative responsible for the offers.

The most appropriate sentence to replace such a sentence is as follows.

  • I worked as a sales representative. In the first two months, we sent offers to 280 potential customers. I was able to arrange one-to-one interviews with 60% of them. I ended the sale with 20%.

You can easily see the difference. You should embody the benefits of what you do in the company with similar statements. The person reading your CV will therefore be more comfortable understanding why he should hire you.

We have three tips worth gold to help you practice what we’re talking about.

1- It is very important to talk about how much you increase your profitability by doing your job. Why should we hire you? Among the answers to the interview question, the most striking expressions are those mentioned to increase profitability.

2- You may not have contributed directly to profitability due to your position. Increasing profitability is not the only criterion for success. You should write about how you increase productivity. You can write what you have earned for that company in the works that you save time.

3- The best way to practice is to use the sentence (as a result) when you talk about your benefit. It will be in your best interest to use this expression at the end of the sentence when talking about your work.

  • We conducted a study on non-return of proposals submitted. As a result, returns have increased by 10%.


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