Why should I learn English ?

Why should I learn English ?
Why should I learn English ?

In this article we learn why you should learn English:
The first language among the foreign languages ​​taught in the world is undisputed English. And many other countries carefully determine their education programs in order to provide a more effective language education. So why do so many countries and institutions take their English education so seriously? Why Should We Learn English? Here are the main reasons:

  1. English is the most widely used foreign language. When different people from all over the world come together, they agree again using this language. Nearly one in five people on earth can speak or understand English.
  2. It is now seen as a major shortcoming to not know English fluently in many sectors. Companies and institutions prefer candidates who have mastered several languages.
  3. A common language of diplomacy, science, tourism and developing technology. In order to be effective in these areas, this language must be mastered.
  4. A person who knows English can easily and easily communicate in many different environments and countries. And it moves more confidently.
  5. English is the mother tongue of 53 countries in the world. And it is the first foreign language that many countries teach second.
  6. A fluent language offers you numerous opportunities to work in foreign companies, to work abroad and to do business abroad.
  7. English is fun. English books, songs, movies and television programs can be evaluated in order to relax in the comfort of your home. Even while having fun, it would not be an advantage to study English.
  8. 85% of the websites on the Internet are in English. This language will be needed to actively benefit from international forums and other platforms.
  9. When we think of the fact that foreigners are fluent in several languages, we must learn English and use our energy for other languages ​​as soon as possible.
  10. In order to study at a university abroad or to have a master’s and doctorate degree, English is required. In addition, the common language of articles in foreign journals is English. A good English for success in the international dimension of education will strengthen our hand.
  11. When compared to many other foreign languages, English finds itself high among the languages ​​that are easy to learn.
  12. English and all foreign languages ​​strengthen memory and reduce forgetfulness. Scientific studies draw attention to this issue.
  13. Your environment expands, and you can open your horizons with your colleague or friend from around the world.
  14. You can be very different with the self-confidence of learning a language.


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