Why Doesn’t Google Care About University Degree?

Why Doesn't Google Care About University Degree?
Why Doesn't Google Care About University Degree?

Laszlo Bock, Managing Director of Google HR, has a lot to consider when choosing from thousands of very successful CVs. But he says that the degree always remains in the background as a criterion.

Laszlo Bock, how to get a job on Google?

What makes a CV successful? How effective is the university and university degree in recruitment? We’ll take a look at the New York Times interview where he answers such questions. We will understand that the skills and knowledge acquired at university are of course important. But that the degree does not mean finding the indispensable ability.

Degree doesn’t mean being talented

Bock, (We all have people who do not go to good schools, although very successful. The important thing is to reach these people). Accordingly, many people can learn the desired technical or social skills outside the university. A person who has graduated with high scores may not always be able to meet basic skills.

Show skill not expertise

He says that a highly skilled, curious, eager person can be hired in the HR or finance department. However, he emphasizes that it would never be fair to compare him to another person working in this department who specializes in only one subject. By definition, a university degree means a certificate of expertise. We can write news and interview for a journalist graduate. But the degree does not show what the candidate can do at work. Laszlo Bock also says in the interview. Can the candidate present an idea in front of the crowds? Do you have the idea how to create a website? Does it have interesting and different solutions to problems? Or do you know the best thing to pass the tests and get high scores?

Creative power and logic together

He says that people have a creative power from the moment they were born. In addition, he says, on the contrary, strategic and logical ways of thinking are learned in society as time goes on. Bock stresses that learning analytical thinking is essential to truly succeed. According to Bock, it is very important for the candidates to focus on the creative power within them and to adapt their strategic skills to this power.

Resistance and patience

Eric Schmidt of Google’s Board of Directors has similar views. He says that the most important way to distinguish successful students from other students with capacity is not to measure their knowledge. He says that it is looking at their patience and resistance to the points they deal with. University degree says that you do not give all the clues about the person. For example, degrees do not include a clue as to whether or not they are successful in business, patient, cool in the face of problems and practical in problem solving.

Focusing on skills at the university is critical

Although Block emphasizes that going to university is of course very important, he points to another important point. The majority do not think much about what they will encounter on their way to university and whether the department they will read will overlap or not. There is a lot of focus on the outcome, not on the process. According to Bock, it is more important to acquire skills and to acquire different skills than to gain expertise in university education. According to Google, in the recruitment process, candidates say what kind of projects and roles they are involved in and their internship processes rather than their expertise.

Bock wraps up the interview with these words.

I don’t remember the last time I asked someone what their college degree was or how many averages you graduated. It is very important for the candidates to graduate from the university as individuals who are still learning, who have different abilities and are ready for different experiences.



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