Why Do You Want This Position?

Why Do You Want This Position? Interview Questions
Why Do You Want This Position? Interview Questions

One of the most classic interview questions in the world. Why do you want this job? These questions, which are almost without exception in job interviews, are of course necessary and will certainly be asked. However, the main questions often go beyond that.

From a more emotional point of view, it is easier to answer these interview questions when you really want the job. However, sometimes you may not be able to speak very fluently. That’s why you need to know some tips to make sense and effective.

When making one of the most important decisions in your life, you should also pay attention to the following issues in order to make the best speech:

1. Make sure you are willing and know the company.

When such questions are asked during interviews, you should mention the company you want to work with. This approach will be useful to prove that you have examined the company before and that you have sufficient preliminary information about the company.

You must show how excited you are to join the team, but be sincere. If you really feel this intimacy, there’s nothing wrong with expressing it. Nevertheless, be prepared for the company before the interview, will show you better.

Let us proceed on an assumption. Let’s say you are going to meet with a boutique agency, your alternative answer is:

What interests me in this job posting is that your position is in your agency. Because I know how good you are in a short time. I believe working with a boutique company would be a good opportunity to improve myself.

The fact that the candidate knows something about the company in small companies is of interest to the company. Especially if the information you are investigating is little known, it means that you have been hiring that company for a while. This will be a plus for you in the interviews.

2. List your skills and experiences for the field.

Now it’s time to show you why you are the right candidate!

There are simply two ways to do this. You can focus on your past experiences in this direction. Or your own skills. It’s usually best to focus on whether you meet the job description. See also the relevant section for the position (desired features). It is useful for you if you also check whether you are suitable for yourself. Of course, you should clearly state these characteristics during the interview.

I’m a Social Media Representative. This position is very suitable for me to show both my communication skills and my experience in advertising management on social media

Keep this part of your conversation short, the goal here is to focus on your key skills and transfer it to the other side.

3. Be careful not to leave your career orbit.

You think you’re finally negotiating for a position to step into your career. It is ideal to think of it as a step.

If you tell them that you want to go a long way in this area, you will comfort the people you are meeting with. Because you will make the managers you think they are investing in the right person.

I have been developing my own personal experiences in my marketing and communication career for several years. Therefore, it makes sense for me to work in your company. I’m very excited to use my technical skills and contribute to your company by sharing my knowledge of marketing.

You must also maintain your own humble attitude while transmitting this information. Ultimately, the essence of the job, finding a suitable area for yourself, to advance your career and one step closer to your goals.

If we want to go over three titles briefly again. You should tell them about your job skills, your interest and suitability for this position. Why do you want this job? are the basis of the answers to be given.

Maintain such a flow during the interview. This way, you will skip unnecessary details and provide sufficient information.



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