Why Do You Receive a MBA Certificate?

Why Do You Receive a MBA Certificate?

You can print the MBA Certificates of universities with high quality, reliable and high recognition in gold in your CV. You will be one step ahead in Business Interviews. You will rise in your business and you will not miss opportunities for development in your career.

What Does MBA Education Have to Participate?

Here are some of the topics they have developed with the possibilities provided by the Mini MBA Certificate Program:

  • Key Differences Between Business and Organization Concepts
  • Differences Between Different Business Functions in terms of Business Goals
  • Difference and Relationship between Entrepreneur and Manager Concepts
  • Principal and auxiliary business functions
  • Marketing mix
  • Branding Process
  • Effective Sales Management and Sales Techniques
  • Basic Issues Related to Production / Operations Management
  • Difference and Relationship Between Productivity, Effectiveness and Efficiency Concepts
  • The Importance of Accounting and Accounting for Business
  • The Elements of the Financial Statements (Balance Sheet and Income Statement) and
  • Features of These Elements
  • Decisions and Tasks of Finance Manager
  • Financial Analysis Techniques
  • Mathematics of Finance
  • Risk and Return Concepts and Portfolio Management
  • The Importance of Supply Chain Perspective on Business Performance
  • Analysis of Problems Related to Supply Chain Design, Planning and Coordination
  • Human Resources (HR) Management Process
  • Information on Management Functions
  • Motivation and Leadership Concepts
  • Institutionalization and Importance
  • Information on the Establishment of Trade Companies (Especially Anonymous and Limited Company), Decision-making Processes and End-Benefits
  • General Information about Checks, Bills and Policies
  • Information on Transactions Related to Revenue, Bills of Exchange
  • Job Agreement and Types
  • Rights and Obligations of Parties in the Terms of Business
  • Sona Ermeyi of Business Relationship and Severance Payment
  • Project Life Cycle and Project Integration Management

MBA Project Risk Management

  1. Management of Negotiation Processes with Internal and External Stakeholders
  2. Information on Negotiation Types and Negotiation Strategies
  3. Tips for Negotiators and Basic Tactics Used in Negotiations

Training Process

  • The training program was prepared in the form of distance learning (online training).
  • The entire curriculum consists of interactive training (e-learning) modules and videos.
  • There is no specific day and time limit for participation in the trainings. You can keep track of where and when you want, from any device (tablet, phone, computer etc.) connected to the internet.
  • The 84-hour structured (in-class) curriculum covers the entirety of the curriculum.
  • The online training duration is about 35 hours depending on your individual performance and your training monitoring speed.
  • In many universities, you must complete the training within 120 (ninety) days to qualify for a MBA Certificate.
  • Education is open to you indefinitely.

Examination Process

There are universities that conduct the MBA Certificate examination over the internet, there is no specific day restriction to participate in the examination.
You can take the MBA Certificate exam from mobile devices (smartphone, tablet) or from a computer.
In order to be successful in the exam, you have to answer at least 15 questions correctly from 25 test questions.
Participants who are successful in the exam will be entitled to receive a MBA Certificate.

Identity Participated?

Company executives, executive candidates and company employees,
Entrepreneurs who want to set up their own business,
New graduates and students who want to set up their own business,
All public employees and managers.

Watch When You Wish

The day and time of the training depends on you, you can watch interactive training from the computer on your smartphone when you want.

MBA Certificate to your address

Universities can send their certifications to successful candidates. You can also get MBA Certificates by participating in these programs outside the borders of your country, and they are written in golden letters in the career steps of the candidates. Developing itself, adopting the slogan of changing the future has been adopted.


The entire curriculum is prepared in the form of distance learning (online training). You do not need to go to university for training and examinations.
Instead of in-class training, you can get the same training content in a shorter period of time by watching interactive videos.


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