Where Do You See Yourself in The Next 5 Years?

Where Do You See Yourself in The Next 5 Years?
Where Do You See Yourself in The Next 5 Years?

It is one of the most frequently asked questions of job interviews. This question gives important messages about job seekers’ career plans. Although it may seem cliché, it sums up the view of the job seeker to life. This question is important not only for job interviews but also for yourself. To find the right answer, you first need to answer clearly any other questions that are not easy to answer.

It’s hard to predict the next five years. But at least it is possible to understand what we enjoy doing and what our dreams are. For this, we need to know ourselves well, define our abilities and question our preferences. Will you be happy in your current job after five years? Where do you see yourself? Is your place of employment where you can work after five years?

The answer is to answer the following questions correctly

How should my working environment be?

Do you want to work at home, a comfortable office in the city, or a quiet cottage? You should think about it. The answer to this question can be considered as the beginning of having an idea about the career path after five years.

Do I want to do my own job?

Everyone wants to do their own job at some point in their life. However, having a job has serious responsibilities, and those who experience it can return to the idea of ​​working in an office again. In this case, it is important to answer the following question correctly. Is it my business or a corporate company where my salary and social rights are determined?

How would you like to go to work with clothes?

Suits or heels are not for me, I want to think about my work, not my clothes. Or, are those who say corporate is good, shaving and grooming every day is just right for me? Answering this question correctly contains important clues as to where you want to be after five years.

Would it make me happy to travel while I work?

Two groups can be mentioned as those working in the office or at home, or those who prefer to be outside. It is possible that your work life will not put you under stress and after five years you can still enjoy your work. Therefore, it is important to answer the question correctly.

How much salary would I want in 2020?

In this case, variable data in the economy may prevent us from making accurate estimates. But when we think (How much money I should make in 2020?), we think about a figure. Considering your salary expectation, you can have an idea about five years from now.

Do I want to be a manager?

Being a manager can mean more responsibility, more work and more stress. So, will you be ready for this kind of life in five years? You should think about it.

Under what circumstances can I still do the same after 5 years?

It is important to make a list to answer this question. Your priorities, financial expectations, working conditions, the job you want to do, your skills. These factors come into play at this point. Once you have identified them, it can be easier to decide if you can do the job in the future.

Am I daydreaming?

Unfortunately, we don’t often dream. However, dreaming is very important in order to have a happy job. Even a dream you often dream of as a child can be very effective in making your future happy. You can start dreaming. Close your eyes and try to visualize where and how you feel good.

You can start by giving honest answers to these questions. After five years, start making your list to find yourself productive and happy with what you do. Keep these questions in mind when going to job interviews.



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