When Were You Most Happy in Your Old Job?

When Were You Most Happy in Your Old Job?
When Were You Most Happy in Your Old Job?

It is a critical question for HR experts to guide the candidate in the interview and to learn the motivation areas of a candidate at a workplace. When were you happy in your old job? This way, the HR specialist can learn what your happiness is in the past job. You want to determine the areas where you can be happy at your new job. Therefore, the answer to this question should be planned by the candidate in the job interview.

Talent management is one of the most important agenda items in the world of Human Resources.

Today, it is very important to determine the right ability in the interview. For this reason, Human Resources experts now measure their approach to problems and events in interviews. In addition, the HR specialist leads strategic questions to identify the motivation areas for the candidate. HR professionals ask, when were you most happy in your old job? The interview question is actually to find out the answers to other questions.

Interview Question: How do you work?

Are there any areas where this candidate is happy at the old workplace?

Learning the answers to such questions is indirect. Even if you meet all other criteria, you should show that you can be happy doing it. The first condition to be very successful is to work happily. The HR expert directs these questions to the candidate to make sure that the person to be recruited is the right choice for the vacant position.

There are three important points that candidates need to pay attention to in order to answer this question correctly. Here are three suggestions for this:

Tell me about a problem you solved

What you need to do when answering this question is to emphasize your determination, skills, self-confidence and other positive aspects. So, you tell a story of success. However, you should avoid drawing an ego with a high profile. Remember, what your recruiters want to hear from you is not your ego. An example of a situation where you are in a difficult situation, but you have successfully overcome. Use modest phrases to describe how you solved the problem. We did it as a team, we did it together. The listeners should understand that you have accomplished it even if you have used these statements.

Show how the employer benefits the interview

What is the most satisfying moment in your work? The answer you give to the questions gives the HR expert important tips on our approach to your personality and events. For this reason, you should emphasize what kind of added value you have achieved, and what kind of success you have achieved as a result. It is also very important that you tell the appreciation you have received from the manager because of your success. If there are opportunities that the employer can catch when they hire you, bring them to the forefront. For example, when talking about the customer portfolio that you created, you can tell us how your dialogue with your customers has benefited you in your old job. If the employer hires you, she will think that you will bring your old client portfolio with you.

Show your determination and passion for your business

When you answer this question, you can mention an award you received as a result of your success. But you should know that the HR specialist wants to see the reasons that lead to this success, rather than the reward you receive.

When answering this question, you can highlight your commitment to success and your passion for your business. The best job, who loves his job, makes you feel that you are doing your job lovingly and willingly. One of the common characteristics of people who are successful in their work is that they are determined.

To achieve success, you must have a solid belief in the path you draw by calculating well. You must show that you can keep your passion warm and walk on the path you draw. Otherwise, no one wants to work with someone who is constantly changing ideas.


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