When Was the Last Time You Objected to A Decision? How Was Your Attitude?

When was the last time you objected to a decision? How was your attitude? They have very nice answers to such questions. Because good workers should object to what they think is wrong. Well, how do we know if the employee is good / valuable?

Some employees are good, but others are very good. But because the competitive environment is full of eye-catching people, it can be hard to know who’s better. Perhaps your employees are angry with you for this reason. It is not easy to be an employer. After all, you are a human being, just like them.

What if we tell you about the forms of evaluation that no evaluation system has ever told before?

Here are the aspects of your employee’s quality:

They don’t care to go outside job descriptions.

This is especially important for small companies. Because the purpose of such employees at the end of the month is not to get a salary and escape. For them, the goal is to finish the job. Therefore, they do not avoid taking extra responsibility.

When a very important customer has a problem, a very good employee knows what the problem is without telling you. Even such employees will want to help without even asking.

They’re out of order.

A very good employee is usually out of standard. They may be a little eccentric, sometimes even unattached. But such people also bring joy to their environment. This increases the energy of your team in challenging and boring jobs.

They are not afraid of naturalness and like to break standards. That’s why they come up with great creative ideas.

But when they do, they know how to rein in these aspects.

Unusual people are fun. However, good workers know how to withdraw these aspects in stressful situations. Different employees know when to be serious and when to be fun. Balancing aspects work well on difficult days. They are like tightrope walkers who walk successfully in strong winds.

They publicly praise other people.

It’s nice that the boss praises you. When it comes to a colleague, it is quite different to get a similar praise. Because the business environment means competition. However, if an employee can applaud the success of another employee, that person is not selfish.

When they have disagreements, they want to talk about it privately.

It’s good to put some issues forward in the middle of everyone but solving problems in secret is a wise move. One issue may be to offend another colleague or create a great discussion in the office environment. Private employees prefer to talk about this in private with you.

They ask questions while others don’t ask questions.

Because extraordinary and private employees do not hesitate to present the problems that others are afraid to ask. They take on their troubles and try to help them.

They love to prove the injustice of the person they think is unfair.

One of the best ways of motivation is to prove that the suspicion of skeptics is irrelevant. Education, intelligence, talent and skill are important things. However, urges are more demanding. There is a constant desire to do good work among the extraordinary employees. This is more powerful than all the knowledge and ability acquired.

They constantly discover.

Some people can’t get enough of learning, they are constantly looking to discover something. Good employees follow the process; magnificent employees shape the process. This happens not because they are expected of them, but because they are not in their hands.

Of course, every employee is valuable. If there’s anything you’re not sure about this interesting person, we’re sure it doesn’t exist anymore. Then, together, many successes.


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