When to Start a Job Search?

When to Start a Job Search?
When to Start a Job Search?

According to research January is an ideal time to look for work. Many companies are opening new positions in January, as well as the number of advertisements published. CV and Career Counselors tell when job seekers should apply for announcements and what they need to pay attention to in this process.

Research shows that January is the best time to look for work. Among the reasons for this are the renewed budgets of the companies, vacant positions and decisions taken. With those who are not satisfied with hikes and goals, new positions emerge, and the number of new jobs is increasing. This means that job seekers need to consider this month very well!

So, what should you do to evaluate this process correctly?

What are you good at, what are your strengths, what you need to develop and what are you going to do? What are the opportunities and threats to face in the job search process, how can you evaluate these opportunities and overcome the threats? In short, you need to do your individual SWOT analysis for the job change process and set your goal. Then you must check whether the target’s work and life values ​​match. I wish everything was just as easy to travel from city A to city B to 100 km per hour, right?

Is your resume current?

It is very important that the CV is up-to-date according to the last position and goal you are working on, and that it takes the same form on all platforms. For this reason, review your resume and position yourself well to manage your individual brand. Of course, skip the text of the pre-text according to the advertisements. (It is very important if we take into account that the interviews will be based on the resume through the resume.

What to do when you’re looking for a job:

  • Follow job search / ad channels closely.
  • Inform your business and social circle about your job search.
  • Strengthen your communication with the work links you want to work with, just network, try to connect.
  • Also contact selection-placement consulting firms.
  • Apply for ads that match your qualifications.
  • Read the ads well. When applying for a job, make sure that the advert is parallel.
  • Use the power of words within ethical values.
  • Position your individual brand well on all social platforms and get the right information on social media.

We see that the most critical points are the time and order of the application. If we look at the HR side of the business, advertisements are published in the first half of the week. The important detail here is how many people applied to the admission and whether they were among your first applicants. If you apply as a thousandth person, it may be difficult for you to be aware of the other candidates. If you follow the advertisements daily and you are among the first applicants when the ad is opened, the chance of being noticed and called for interview increases according to the suitability of the job.

Let’s say the ad was published 2 weeks ago and you’ve still applied. After the publication of the announcement, the HR expert will quickly start to review the CVs and plan the interviews in order to find the right candidate. The CVs of the first applicants are examined in more detail, if they are not found, the other CVs are examined in detail.

Things to consider when making job applications

My personal observation is that most of the new advertisements are mostly not published at the end of the week and the applications to the advertisements are decreasing on the weekends. For this reason, you should follow the announcements regularly during the week.

My advice is to download the applications of the job search channels to their phones and set the alarm. Even if you work in a job, it will help you keep track of advertisements on a daily basis during the hours that will not interfere with your work.

Leave the job application at the weekend. Social media, adverts of consultant firms, professional social networks, ad sites s Take on the task of pursuing them all in the job search process.

Remember, (Job search is a business). Don’t forget to prepare for interviews. How you represent yourself as much as you express yourself in interviews is also important. You should be prepared to interview in every way.

Good luck in the job search process! Hope you have good alternatives for your applications and never give up!


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