When They Tell Me (Do You Have Any Questions?), What Can I Ask Different?

When They Tell Me (Do You Have Any Questions?), What Can I Ask Different?
When They Tell Me (Do You Have Any Questions?), What Can I Ask Different?

In the job interview, the questions asked by Human Resources to the candidate as well as the questions asked by the HR expert are also important. Here are the tips for you to leave the interview so that you will not forget you as a candidate.

Throughout the job interview, the manager usually asks the manager to whom the recruitment manager and the position depends on the human resources;

Is there a question you want to ask?

The answers given to this question have become so cliché that when recruiters ask this question;

(this is done in the interview, come in next) as they think it is normal because the answers given are generally the same or identical to each other.

  • What is the future for me in your company, what are the opportunities for me?
  • How can I improve myself?

Questions and other derivatives like these questions

A little more quality than these questions, but they are often asked,

  • What are the most challenging things about you as a company or department?
  • How do you ensure the development of your employees?
  • How do you make a difference for employees who make a difference?

questions like. These are of course better quality, but the answer is unimaginable, the recruiter or the manager will tell you something (okay), you can only say, because the answer is already ready. The recruiter is also ready to tell you the content of a performance presentation prepared in the last weeks without much excitement.

What can be asked to close an interview so that you will not forget you as a candidate, but will remember you? Think of such a smart question that, in its answer, it may give you many clues;

  1. What are the values ​​of the company, the recruitment manager and the employees that you visit?
  2. What do they rejoice and honor, proud of?
  3. What kind of a culture does the company try to create for its employees? Has he been effective in this?

Yes, let’s ask the question of the recruiter

I’m curious (What is the most beautiful corporate moment you’ve ever experienced in this company?)

If the recruitment partner is unable to answer this question and hope that this will be a signal, we suggest that you investigate the institution you are applying to.

There is always something that is said and believed, when people enter corporations, things that hold and bind them are not positions or side benefits. What are they then?

It is the values ​​and approaches of the company and its employees, their behavior, their way of doing business, and they form the culture of that company. Your position, your title, your side rights may change, they may be easy or difficult, but it is possible, but it is not easy to change the culture of a company. The elements that connect people to that company without being aware are elements of that company’s culture.

For these reasons, many human resources specialists try to understand whether the candidate is suitable for the company’s culture. It is critical and important for the candidates to do this for themselves, to be happy in that company.

Let’s go through an example

Imagine a company that is growing aggressively and has a very high-performance focus. You are also a candidate, a traditional, learning curve living in the dungeons, who do not like to go out of comfort area, but you can be successful in that field. Now you may need a miracle to succeed in this company. What we want to say is that knowing and understanding them in advance is very valuable and critical. Therefore, if you use every opportunity to understand the values, atmosphere and culture of the company you want to work with, you will feel comfortable for the future.

Experts who have been researching and experiencing for a long time say that in the newly promoted managerial roles or company changes, the first 6 months are very important and critical, during which a professional coach can be supported.


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