What You Should Know About the Interview Types – 2

What You Should Know About the Interview Types - 2
What You Should Know About the Interview Types - 2

Firms use many different interviewing methods to evaluate candidates for recruitment. Having detailed information about these types of interviews can be a serious guide to what you should prioritize when preparing. We shared the 6 most common types of interviews with you in order to undertake a successful interview process.

We have prepared a paper about 6 different job interview types that you should know and prepare before. In this article, we continue to provide information about different types of job interviews.

Panel interviews

In panel interviews, the candidate enters before the committee prepared by the employer and prepares himself. This committee, which is recruited by the employer, consists of recruitment experts and tries to see how you can deal with stress or multiple problems or situations. He questions you with certain questions and measures his reactions in these moments. Of course, this will be difficult for you. As a candidate you need to focus on the key people in the committee and control their reactions. Remember that eye contact during the conversation with the other person is very important in such interviews.

Status or performance interviews

What is required in this type of job interview is how certain functions are used when doing business. An abstract situation or problem is created based on the abilities of the candidates and the candidates are asked to solve them. According to the solution is also evaluated about. Particularly, it is very important to prepare for this kind of job interview.

Elective job interviews

Sometimes companies seeking employment may want to see how candidates work before hiring. For this purpose, the candidates spend certain applications and simulations. These applications or simulations also have the ability to find and evaluate the candidate’s capabilities. The advantage of such interviews is that the candidate can show his / her own abilities as he / she wishes without being bound to a certain question or text.

Stress interviews

These interviews are generally intended to bring the candidate to the level of absolute stress and to see how they react under pressure. Before the interview in question, the candidate is taken to the waiting room one hour before the person to meet him and the stress level is expected to increase. When interviewing, many silence and cold views take place between the applicant and the candidate and at the same time the interviewer challenges and even challenges the candidate on some subjects. Acting as cool and reasonable as possible is of great importance in this kind of business negotiations.

Repeated interviews

Sometimes companies may call the candidates for an interview 2 times, 3 times or 4 times. There are more than one reason why this happens. Sometimes companies may call the candidate again to see if the candidate is the ideal candidate for the job, and at sometimes they cannot decide who to choose. These interviews can often be annoying and cause stress. Therefore, it is always beneficial to continue as calmly and enthusiastically as possible.


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