What is Your Weakness?

What is Your Weakness?
What is Your Weakness?

Let’s guess, You’re a perfectionist

One of the possible questions from the HR specialist is this (What is your weakest point?). You may not want to talk about a deficiency in the face of the Human Resources specialist. For this reason, there is a similar answer that many people choose (I think I’m more perfectionist). However, this answer may not be as accurate as it may seem.

Is it a coincidence that your most significant negative characteristic is actually the most admired characteristic of all employers? It may not, let’s face it; this is a little cliché (show your strength as if it were weak). Moreover, your perfectionist feature is likely to make negative connotations.

For this reason, we have listed some reasons you would not like to say that you are a perfectionist person:

You may have to stand behind

As someone who wants to make everything perfect, you may not want to start a business that you cannot be the best at. In fact (I do not want to embarrass myself and I do not disrupt my ego, I prefer not to leave at all. That’s why I haven’t done that in years). If you feel emotions like this often, you can say that this attitude really affects you. We can only say that this topic deserves to be examined in detail in another article.

Nobody wants to be ashamed or fail

But it is certain that it would not help anyone to miss your growth, development and opportunities to learn. It is not always possible to be perfect, it can also limit your professional and personal development. Trying to do your job well is a great feature, but always trying to be perfect will make you really tired. You must find ways to free yourself from this pressure. Otherwise, you may have negative consequences for your career and health with unnecessary stress.

You spend too much time on the wrong things

It is also important to do your job as fast and well as doing well. Excessive effort to get the right job out of the way can bring about the possibility of disrupting things. Because concentrating on small details that usually do not change the result is both time and energy loss. Moreover, you can obstruct the larger differences that you can create by dealing with simple things. You should focus on the whole picture instead of wasting time with details, so you can focus on more important details. Thus, you can complete the maximum job successfully in minimum time.

When you try to choose which font to use in your sales report, you spend time with your colleagues (Happy Hour) or on a coffee break, which will definitely increase your communication with your teammates. Because it is much more important to find that little difference between Cambria and Times New Roman.

Achievements to be celebrated

To be honest, being perfectionist consumes us all. The most obvious example of this is that you may come across it when you don’t expect it. When working on a project, one of your friends can alert you. Let’s stop working and give yourself some time, you’ll know you’re missing something in that moment. Because if they don’t warn you, you’ll start a new job immediately after the time you spend. However, everyone needs to celebrate their own achievements. One way to enjoy your work is to look at what you sometimes do. You can be satisfied if you look at the results you are happy, on the contrary, if you notice a missing or better can be done in your favor if you notice a detail. Your satisfaction will give you energy and encouragement.

Don’t be antipathic!

Remember that each person is different from each other. Just because you’re a perfectionist doesn’t mean everyone is. And, to accept, most perfectionists are in fact a bit of control. They expect everyone to be flawless. Their aggression in an aggressive way is negated by those around them. As a result, the synergy in the team may be lost.

A small tip: Everyone may not want to comply with the working standards you have. If you try to meet your expectations by force, you can be crushing and uncomfortable. Although the work you do is perfect, do not ignore the possibility that your relationships are not.


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