What Is Your Leadership Style?

What Is Your Leadership Style? | Interview Questions
What Is Your Leadership Style? | Interview Questions

It is important for the person to understand what kind of manager he is in the office and to look at his leadership with self-criticism. It is possible to notice the pros and cons. Thus, it comes with a highly perceptive perception. In the examinations carried out, especially six characteristics are dominant in the leaders. We have compiled the leader types determined for you.

There are leaders who lead the team to success thanks to the relationship it builds and the harmonious atmosphere it builds. On the contrary, there are leaders who are renowned for their authority and perfectionism. Accordingly, the prototypes of the leaders in six main titles, attracts attention with positive and negative sides. So, which leader is closer to long-term success? What features stand out as being the ideal leader? Which leader type defines you?

Here are 6 Leading Types of Dominant

Router leading type

In the guiding leadership type, the guiding behavior is as follows. It is generally performed with the duties assigned by the manager. It is a behavior that works in emergencies. However, this feature does not have a positive effect on managing people in general. (Only I know the best) According to experts, this understanding is now very old. This behavior works well in problems that need to be solved urgently and in processes that need to proceed quickly.

Visionary leader type

According to the research, visionary leader is the most effective leader type. The reason for this is the long-term thinking, producing solutions and approaching employees in this way. It doesn’t tell employees what and when. On the contrary, the leaders who leave space for them, give them time and support them to use their potential are among the longest-lived managers.

Type of social leader

The participant leader type primarily acts to create trust and harmony in the organization. People see this type of leader as powerless. Therefore, it has the judgment that it may hinder the success of the organization. There is a great possibility to think so. This is a rather wrong idea. A type of leader who strives for harmony and cares about human relations. It means a leader who can work things out in times of crisis.

Participant leader type

The type of participant leader establishes a constant relationship with the group he manages during his time. Involves employees in the leadership process. According to him, a team can produce much better ideas instead of a single person. For this reason, it creates a business atmosphere where everyone knows each other’s job description, does not hesitate to take the floor and puts creativity at the center.

Leader type

According to research, this manager, like a scout leader is extremely effective in accelerating and slowing down the group. This manager type is high performing and expects high performance. For this reason, it can exhibit behaviors that positively affect the success of the teams. There is an important point to be careful about the pioneer type. This type of leader wants everything to be perfect at the same time. This situation may cause the motivation of the employees to decrease and the creativity to disappear.

Aries leader type

Coach leaders generally know each member of their team very well. These leaders know the pros and cons of the employees very well. He helps them to improve themselves. It is the type of manager that is least valued but improves the most effective leadership performance in the long run. These leaders, who develop their employees and attach them to the team, are also among the most loved by their employees.


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