What is Your Ability to Make You Different from Other Candidates in The Job Interview

What is Your Ability to Make You Different from Other Candidates in The Job Interview
What is Your Ability to Make You Different from Other Candidates in The Job Interview

It is the question that human resources experts ask to observe how you behave under difficult circumstances. What is your ability to make you different from other candidates? This question is among the questions that the candidates fall into the most error when answering. So, what should the candidates pay attention to answer this question correctly?

Job interviews are a meeting place for you to introduce yourself to human resources professionals in a limited time. In order to avoid other candidates in these interviews, you have to avoid clichés and answer questions in an original way. The question asked during job interviews is among the questions in which the candidates are most unsuccessful in answering, and the cliché answers are given.

You have to avoid being arrogant when you answer that question in interviews. HR experts want to see where you are positioning yourself when you are directing this question. In a sense, you can answer this question in three steps.

You must talk about yourself

The most common mistakes in answering this question include being arrogant, making negative comments about other candidates, and setting up sentences that are not authentic. What you need to focus on is not to repeat everyone’s sentences or interpret what other candidates are like. It is to tell the HR expert what your distinctive differences are. Therefore, candidates need to be answered by focusing on their strengths. It is very important that candidates who apply for the position should not be concerned with their possible weaknesses. Remember, negative comments about other candidates can lead HR professionals to think that you are trying to promote your success by disparaging others. The most negative answer to this question is that the candidate is proud of himself.

Talk about your strengths

When talking about yourself in the job interview, it is important that you look comfortable and express your different aspects in a natural way. What makes you special is your skills and accomplishments in your position. I am a successful person, I am very hard-working, avoid using stereotypes like perfection. What is characteristic of your strengths and what is the most important aspect of your success? But you must avoid being arrogant.

Respond to the requirements of the position you apply for

How much does your experience and skills match the requirements of the position you want to work with? When answering, you should consider this and prioritize your own skills according to the requirements of the position. For example, suppose that the work that needs to be completed in the position you are referencing should be done within a limited time frame. It will be in your best interest to emphasize your ability to react quickly and your ability to work with results. Explaining your success story from a previous workplace allows you to give a convincing answer.  The fact that your answer is relevant to your business will lead the HR specialist to evaluate you correctly.


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