What is the Secret to Successful Candidates?

What is the Secret to Successful Candidates?
What is the Secret to Successful Candidates?

They are always the best in their job interviews. So, how do we look for a job that is the first step towards being successful?

Sometimes companies have the opportunity to meet candidates who are successful in many ways, know what they want, respond to all questions satisfactorily and go beyond expectations. According to HR experts, these successful candidates are generally passive. Companies take their candidates as soon as they realize it, and another company tries to make it happy until the candidate discovers new opportunities.

In reality, the situation is different. According to the Job Search Methods Survey of Successful Candidates, the most successful candidates are in fact always looking for a job. Thousands of HR consultants consulted in the research and 4,000 high-performing candidates shed light on a successful job search process.

Successful Candidates Always Active

Talented candidates are always in search of work. Having a job doesn’t cause them to break with the process. They are always searching for the better, they are frequently reviewing job offers. 90 percent of the successful candidates in the year of at least 2-3 times they look at the job post seriously say. In recent years, the rate of candidates employed is even higher. 91 percent of the candidates say they continue to look for business opportunities in six months.

It should be said that successful candidates do not expect another job opportunity to fall on their laps. In this process, it is observed that they fulfill all the details, including online, one by one. They closely follow and implement every new technology involved in the job search process. A successful candidate is extremely good at video interviews with Skype or any other tool. According to the data last year, 52 percent of the recruited candidates visited an online job search site within six months, 50 percent of them were members of the business alarms, and 46 percent of them made an application from the mobile.

The Motivation of Successful Candidates Is Different

Today, the importance of successful candidates for companies is not controversial due to the outstanding competitiveness of talent. This makes the candidates more selective. Compared to other candidates, successful candidates pay 49 percent more attention to the company’s reputation and reputation, and put it at the center of their job search.

53 percent of the candidates want to be an interesting, meaningful and contributing business. Avoiding routine work. It also affects the employer’s ability to express their expectations from the job they are doing in their job interviews. Candidates who are aware of their abilities and who do not underestimate them are prominent. Successful candidates, of course, like all other candidates, care about salary and do not want to fall below a certain standard.

According to the survey, job satisfaction for candidates with high performance is one step ahead of the salary. In a place where the candidate is not satisfied with his job, he knows that in the long run, money cannot be happy. For this reason, the job search process, the most appropriate to him, focuses on what he wants to do the most. This is of course the most important link in the chain that strengthens the success factor.


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