What Is the Formula of Happiness in Business Life

What Is the Formula of Happiness in Business Life
What Is the Formula of Happiness in Business Life

Working hard + Promoting = Being happy. Many people define the formula of happiness in business life and think that they will be happy after they have achieved success. On the contrary, happy people can succeed.

If we ask this question, many people may answer: Work hard / Do good work + Upgrade = Be happy

However, many recent studies have refuted this overview. According to this, working hard and doing good work and then raising her career doesn’t bring happiness. On the contrary, happiness brings success; happy people can succeed. The TED speaker, The Book of Awesome and the author of The Happiness Equation, Neil Pasricha, who spent 20 minutes each day, said that applying the four items listed below brings happiness and that happiness brings success.

Walk three times a week

Physical activity has a great effect on our mood. Indeed, the research of the researchers at Pennsylvania State University proves this. According to the study, people who walk 20 times three times a week have better points in terms of happiness compared to people who use antidepressants and those who use both walking and antidepressants. So, you can feel better and make yourself happy by walking 20 minutes three times a week.

Review your day

Neil Pasricha, positive events and developments during the day, at the end of each day must be happy to remember again, he says. Accordingly, at the end of each day, you should definitely review the positive developments or experiences you experienced that day, and even write them in a book if possible. This action will allow you to close your day with positive thoughts and you will feel better. Pasricha, the writing of positive experiences and then reading them to increase the effect of happiness three times more, and this action should be done weekly, he says. Every weekend you can feel happier by considering your five positive experiences or weekdays.

Do good

Pasricha, five weeks in a week randomly will make people happier with the exercise, he says. These favors may be simple favors such as holding someone’s door or buying coffee. Pasricha points out that doing a favor makes him feel better. Also, Pasricha, I feel good when I hold the door for someone. Because I’m proud of myself and it makes me happy, he says.


Pasricha emphasizes the importance of meditation for only 20 minutes. Close your eyes, sit quietly and breathe deeply, he says. Pasricha, 20 minutes of resting in this way to avoid distraction and meditation provides more efficient work, he says.


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