What Is The Best Investment?

Which Investment Provides the Best Recycling?

In the world, the answer to this question is extremely important when economic conditions are worse.

Undoubtedly, experts are constantly changing their recommendations. Many experts have announced that the stock market is the best investment in achieving long-term profitable return. They recommend to divide the money into long-term and short-term. Now if the stock market collapses, all the people who make these investments will be seriously distressed.

Other experts recommend the property. Now they call it time to buy. These geniuses! Lar Your home is your best property, in they advise. Now, if the home market collapses, millions of people debiting banks will suffer.

As of now, mines and goods seem to be the best investment. Especially in recent price decreases. These are probably good investments for the long term. However, these are not the best investments.

There is always a better investment. There is always an investment with a high return (return). There is an investment that is always above other investments.

What is this investment? Where is Tomoe and this place where we put most of my money?
Answer: Learning. Education.

The best investment is continuous learning. Learning new skills, acquiring new knowledge, participating in mental, physical and emotional activities. There is no investment above these investments.

What do most people do when they get a little extra money?

Many people prioritize luxury toys. For example, if these people get a little bit up in business, they buy a bigger house and / or buy a more expensive car. They also tend to buy expensive plasma televisions and other expensive other toys education produced with new technology.

Well, how many people spend their money primarily on education? Many people are happy to receive a car for 30 thousand dollars and can complain about a seminar price of 3 thousand dollars. Besides, the seminar can probably contribute more to improve the job, career and life than a car (which is just a status symbol).

Last year, Tomoe and I spent more money on education than on other things. We attended 3 seminars of Antony Robbins and registered for 2 seminars. We participated in two language studies. We attended a financial coaching program. We participated in an internet marketing coaching program. We joined a life coaching program. We have purchased many CD and DVD course program and books. We also participated in an entrepreneurship group program.

We went to Guatemala and worked on our one-week intensive Spanish program. We took lessons in a cooking class in Mexico. We took a jewelry course and made a few silver rings.
We have done these things because we know that life skills, knowledge, and talents are always the investments that contribute to us.

As a businessman, I know that last year I learned more than my business and profitability from the stock market, real estate or other standard investments. In fact, I know that some of the special ideas and skills I learned have increased my sales and profitability in a measurable way.

For example, applying the information I learned from an internet marketing coaching program I paid $ 3500 helped me increase my monthly income by $ 5,000 in the first month. In other words, the program that I participated paid itself in a month. Not only that, but I will continue to earn an extra $ 5,000 every year for years. I know that none of the other kinds of investments could provide such a return.

The return on other education investments is undoubtedly less, but still will have strong returns. For example, as an English teacher, I always examine teaching and leadership techniques in seminars and studies. I am constantly developing my own teaching and leadership style. I’m transforming my leadership skills to improve my business and my company.

This is true for you. In fact, this applies to everyone. First, invest in education. Spend $ 10,000 on seminars before you spend it on a bigger house or in an expensive car. Spend $ 500 on audio courses before spending on a new TV.

Whether you focus on your career as an employee or your own business as a business owner, there is nothing like your investment in your own education. Improve your knowledge and skills. Improve your life skills and emotional expertise. Improve your motivation and attitudes.

What you learn never hurts you. The stock market may collapse and everything may disappear, but your skills and knowledge remain with you for life.

Always invest in yourself on top priority and most important issues. If you still have extra money, you can collect and build a business, enter the stock market or make real estate investments. If you still have some money, then you can just buy ‘toys’.

As a final note, there is nothing wrong with a bad toys or a larger house. Just be sure to invest in your intellectual accumulation and your own development before you spend it on anything else.


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