What is a Perfect Business Place?

What is a Perfect Business Place?

Your company can be an excellent employer and as a result it can be more successful.

“A perfect business place is a workplace where employees are trust by their managers, are proud of what they do, and enjoy by teammates who work with them.”

Business world leaders and researchers rely on us as working to establish a descriptive standard for what a perfect workplace should be. Work survey is base on data from more than 10 million employees in 50 countries at various scales, sectors and structures of 6,000 organizations each year.

What is a perfect business place? From Employee Perspective

From employee perspective perfect business place; it can be create through contacts and experiences that employees can only encounter during the day, not by program or application lists.

The key feature in the common point of these relationships is TRUST. From an employee perspective, we want to describe an excellent place to work:

  • To manage employee trust,
  • The work they have done PRIDE and they need
  • They work with the teammates they PLEASURE AL and workplace.

Trust is the defining element of excellent workplaces. In this principle of management positions, reliability of their employees is respect in all the cases. In addition, team spirit and friends with the degree of pride felt by employees are essential elements.

What is a perfect business place? From the Manager Perspective

From the manager’s point of view, a perfect business place is provided as follows:

  • WORKING AS A TEAM / FAMILY in a work environment full of TRUST,
  • COMING FROM THE BEST THAT’s HAND with employees

There are nine areas of work for leaders and managers to provide an environment of confidence. For example, Excellent employers; reaching organizational goals by inspiring, informing and listening to their employees. So, they have employees who do the best they can by doing, improving, and giving consideration to their employees. Finally, they work together as a team / family by recruiting them properly, celebrating their successes and finding them in attendance.

This basic model has been verified to Work over 25 years in the direction of employees’ own minds, universal and yearly, from country to country, in a stable manner. This model applies not only to all institutions but also to companies with employees with various demographic characteristics.

How can trust be measured?

We look at TRUST in two different perspectives. First, the company’s culture; we use the Trust Index © Employee Survey, which shows how the perfect workplace for the employee should be. Secondly, we see the workplace culture through the Culture Audit © Workplace Culture Analysis through the nine different work areas mentioned above, which are in the manager’s perspective.

These assessment instruments can accurately determine the behavioral and environmental causes that make up the world’s most demanded workplaces and successful businesses.

Academicians, business leaders and media organizations rely on the measurements to create an objective standard for a perfect business place. Through the Trust Index and Culture Audit, these measurements are the basis for the Great Place to Work methodology found in the recommendations to transform organizations into excellent workplaces.


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