What is a Business Contract?

What is a Business Contract?
What is a Business Contract?

In this article, we will look for answers to the following questions for the employment contract which is mandatory for the business life. So, you can share your feedback with us in the comments below.

What is an employment contract?
How is it prepared?
What are the types of employment contracts?

The employment contract is based on the business relationship established between an employer and the employer in accordance with the labor law. Also, it is a contract that shows that the worker is employed and that the employer will pay the employee for this job.

It is mandatory that the employment contract is made in writing for one year or more. In the absence of the contract, the employer must specify the working conditions of the worker, duration, fee, payment.

If the duration of work is known

In addition, employer must provide a document describing the scope of work and the duration of work.  For the provisions to be followed in the case of termination. So, this term shall not apply if the period is less than one month. If more than one month and less than two months. Also, this document should be given to the employee at the end of the work.

The employment contract may differ in terms of the nature, duration and scope of the work.

Types of Business Contract

We can distinguish the types of business contracts as follows. So, these statements may vary in some countries. Even in the same country, even in the state of the state is possible to see descriptions.

Indefinite Term Work Contract

If the duration of the work to be done is not certain, the type of contract that is needed. That is an ideal option if you have long-term staff. That is, if the parties do not want to make contracts every year, they can choose this type of contract.

Fixed-term employment contract

This contract type can only be selected for a certain period of time. This contract type determines the responsibilities of both parties in the periodical works.

Part Time Work Contract

It is the type of contract between the employees and the employers.

Full Time Employment Contract

It is the type of contract made between those who will work in full-time jobs and employers.

Call-Based Business Contract

It is made between the employees and the employers when they are called by the employer when required.

Trial Term Contract

A type of contract between the employee and the employer if a specific trial period is foreseen.

Team Work Contract

It is the type of employment contract between the employee determined by the team formed by more than one employee.

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