What Do You Like to Do Outside of Work?

This question may also come as follows. What are your hobbies? It may be one of the soft questions asked during the interview. They want to obtain more personal and specific information about you. There are some points to consider when answering questions about your hobbies. If you pay attention to these points, you will answer this question better. So, what could our interviewer asking what are your hobbies actually want to learn? How can we best answer this question? What can be hobbies? And What hobbies might it be interesting to talk about?

What Are Your Hobbies?

The person who asks what your hobbies are may want to learn your passion in life. He is curious about your hobby or habits that you enjoy doing most.

Also, the interviewer may want to see a link between your hobbies / passions and the position you are applying for.

Is this a physical activity? Is it an intellectual pursuit? An abstract idea?

here may be physical activities such as: boat tour, cooking, garden maintenance, traveling, fitness, canvas painting, reading poetry.

It could be an intellectual quest: Quantum physics, playing chess, learning new foreign languages.

It can be an abstract idea: sacrifice, animal rights advocacy, competition.

Be honest.

You don’t have to try to attract attention by making it look like you’re doing something you don’t. Talk about what you really like to do. If you are not interested, get a hobby, this may be a good idea.

Be prepared for questions about your hobby.

If the interviewer is interested in your hobby, he or she can ask more questions about it. Be prepared for this because it’s a pretty good thing. In this way, you will have a chance to communicate more personally.

Explain why you got this hobby.

Why has your hobby or passion been so important to you?

How does your hobby affect your life and you?

What is the link between your hobby and your job?

Consider the answer to these questions before the interview and answer yourself. You can also talk about them during the interview.


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