What do You Have to Say to the Manager?

What do You Have to Say to the Manager?

You want to change working conditions, reorganize your salary or get promoted, but you may not know how and when to speak with your manager. There are steps you need to take to get out of this process successfully.

How to Talk to a Manager?

Whether a salary or a change of title, many employees are reluctant to discuss a situation change with their manager and career. He grows up in his sight to make this talk, and he makes up an excuse to delay the conversation. If you have similar feelings, this article is for you!

Here are the simple steps you need to implement:

Wait for the right time

You need to take a moment to talk to your manager. A time period where the work is intense and urgent, where there is plenty of hustle and bustle, details about your career may not be suitable for you to talk to your manager. Instead, you can ask the manager to give you a few minutes, stating that it’s something you want to talk to him about. You can even have a meeting for that.

Be sure what you want to do

When you go to talk with the manager to solve problems with the solution suggestions, the manager has been thinking about this issue for a long time and endeavors to produce solutions. Therefore, whether you want to talk about a subject or promotion, the subject outline, the benefits and all the steps necessary to tell the target and the expectations of the opposite side to tell clearly. Providing exactly what you want, lets the manager understand you and guide you in the right way.

If things don’t go as planned

If things don’t go as planned? It’s very important that you consider this possibility before you go to talk to your supervisor and think about what to do in this situation. Being prepared for this kind of situation allows you to remain calm and show yourself a confident attitude. In addition, instead of just giving up or breaking in, you can tell the reasons behind the request during the conversation individually, help you reach your goal or clarify the ambiguities in your head.

Ask why

If the last answer you receive is negative, you can ask the manager the reasons behind it. Perhaps the reason for the negative is that it may be caused by a reason or a temporary obstacle. So instead of going back and learning why, you can think of taking the right step towards your career.


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