What Can We Expect from You in The First 3 Months?

To answer this question, you can take advantage of three methods:

You can say that you will decide what value you will create by working hard. You should also indicate that you want to spend this time to the fullest.

Adding value is not just making an effort, but really contributing. Many people work hard in their jobs, but they do not contribute much to the overall results achieved by the institution. Working hard is an essential part of being successful, but it doesn’t end with this. All you have to do is help your team and your organization succeed. Your work should turn into tangible results that contribute to your organization’s success. To achieve your goals, you should constantly look for ways to improve your systems and processes both personally and institutionally. Thus, you will not be able to detect the problem, but to solve it. Every day you should be more valuable for your institution. People who work beyond just performing their duties to achieve the desired results add great value to their institutions. Thus, their value increases day by day in the eyes of institutions.

You can tell the boss to try to learn how to better serve your employees and customers.

As an employee, we all expect our employers to help us improve while doing our work. However, career development is a privilege, not a right. Institutions should provide the training, tools and resources needed to unleash the potential of employees regarding their work. You can indicate that you can use these facilities effectively. It is up to you to continue learning, increase your expertise in your business and acquire new skills in line with the organization’s goals and strategies. No one else is responsible for your career development. You should make them feel the authority asking the question.

You can say that you will make a difference within the company and offer the company excitement, enthusiasm, focus and hard work.

Making a difference is believing invisible in a way. Every move you make throughout your business life clearly determines your career. Whatever you do, you should definitely focus. Focusing will bring you success as well as save time. If you take every job given seriously and become ambitious and determined to finish the job, you will easily reflect your difference. Being compatible in group work is the key to getting along with your colleagues and boss. The desire to work in group work will make you different from other employees in the eyes of the boss



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