What are Your Long Term Career Plans?

What are Your Long Term Career Plans?

The question “What kind of career do you aim for in our company” requires the most crucial answers of the interview. We are very creative and willing to give answers that push the boundaries of your imagination. “What are your long term career plans?” Such questions are important for businesses and are difficult for candidates. Before you go to business negotiations, if you plan yourselves for such questions, you always stand out among other candidates.

How Should We Respond to the Questions of Career Plans?

This article is intended to inform you about what is the most accurate answer to your career planning questions.

When you do a search on Google, you can find examples of career plans, career plans, etc. However, it is not right to seek answers from the internet if you have to say something original. You will not find the answer to this question like searching for food on the internet.

The answer you give in these kinds of questions is not important. The important thing is to answer the question sincerely. To give realistic answers that do not force the boundaries of imagination and imagination, keep the seriousness of the opinion. If you tell your dreams in high school, at the job interview, the recruiter will not take you seriously.

You will definitely avoid the answers like “I will be at your place after 5 years”!

As an example, a mid-level manager might say that he has a career plan to become a top-level manager within 5 years. This is not to force the boundaries for him. This could only be accomplished. If he works systematically and wants to succeed, he can be a top executive within 5 years. Nobody expects you to win a war.

Although the answer to the career plan “being a top executive in 5 years” seems ridiculous, some (very few) new graduates are considered important for employers. Those who want to work with people who are at higher heights may find the goals that push their boundaries to be worthy.

Why is the Career Plan Question Asked?

There is only one reason to ask this question. To know if you are focused on the target …

After 5 years, what position will you be in our company? If the question was about whether you had a prophecy, you were asked whether the company would come …

The best advice for you to answer this question is to avoid this question. To answer this question correctly is not enough to prove that you are competent to do that job. Answering this question does not mean that you are focused on the target. This question is a question from a wrongly asked internet. It’s a wrong question asked by unprofessional people at work.

If one wants to learn a long-term career plan, the results-oriented questions should be asked to that person.

Example: “Do you have a career plan as far as you can get?”

If the answer is “yes” then ask: “What is your last career plan?”

Are you interrogating the past or future to find out if someone is target-oriented? Is it a question about your career plan in the past? Or is the future career planning question more logical?

What should be considered in response to career plans?

There are a few items recruited by recruitment experts to answer this question;

  • What did he do to achieve his career plan?
  • What competencies did he develop to reach the target?
  • Is there a road map to reach a larger target?
  • Is the age, personal development and education of the quiche proportionate to the plan?

As you set your career plan, you must answer these questions for yourself.

Answer career planning questions like this

Begin by asking this kind of question first, from the past. Tell us how you achieved your career plan in the past, what you need to improve, what kind of planning you are planning, and what trainings you should have. Then talk about your career plan five years later.

Then take the goal to the castle.

Talk about your career plan five years from now that you have to work in this company and that you are in the planning of your recruitment.

Before You Answer the Questions About The Career Plan, Read the Following!

The best way to answer your question is to “What plan do you have in the future?” or “where do you see yourself after 5 years”? You must have an answer to these questions.

For example, you are a nurse. You have applied to a hospital. But there are too many nurses in the hospitals and you can not find a job for a long time. And in your interview, you said: I’ve been looking for a job for a long time, but I have not found a job. If I can not find a job for another month, my career plan will be to go back to the college and graduate.

If you say that, you reduce your chances of being hired. The hospital also mentions career opportunities for nurses. It may be a part-time working situation. You can work part-time and study at school for the rest of the time. If you give the above answer without knowing this possibility, you will lose it in two cases.

For this reason, I definitely recommend you do research before coming to the job interview. What does the company want? If you can find the answer to this question, you can better respond to your career plan.

Sample Responses to Career Plans Questions

My long-term plans are to continue my development to a company where I can continue to learn, take additional responsibilities and value. As far as I am concerned, your company cares about development and offers career opportunities. I want to take advantage of them.

As I gain experience, I want to move to a position where I can develop and manage management skills rather than technical ones. This is the plan of many people, but I am very eager in this regard. But for the moment I intend to focus on technical skills.


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