Ways to Raise Your Team’s Motivation

Ways to Raise Your Team's Motivation
Ways to Raise Your Team's Motivation

People are very diverse and each employee’s motivation resources are different. It is among the most important duties of the managers to find the sources of motivation suitable for each type of employee and to make these resources sustainable. We have discussed the high motivation tricks according to different types of employees.

Providing motivation and making it sustainable is among the most important responsibilities of an administrator against the team and its members.

When energy and motivation meet, very important goals can be achieved easily. That’s why it’s critical to understand what motivates others, and to make business processes faster and better.

The way each person is motivated is different. Therefore, managers need to be aware of diversity. Just as a shoe is not everyone’s feet, the method of creating one motivation is not suitable for the whole team. Unfortunately, the methods we expect to comply with are unfortunately not condemned to failure.

Many managers tend to use tools such as salary, praise and promotion as a source of motivation. However, these are not among the most important motivation triggers. While there are many theories about high-level motivation processes and methods, most researchers and industry experts agree on five of them. These are:

  • Targets for work
  • Achieving something valuable
  • Learn new things
  • Personal evolution
  • Autonomy

Set realistic goals

Most people want to work with reasonable goals. Because they measure themselves according to these goals. However, it is imperative to be meticulous and realistic when determining the target. Targets need to be available. If you set non-realistic goals, a motivating situation will occur, and the goal-setting process will serve as the opposite.

Stop judging

As a manager, making a firm judgment against the team members decreases the motivation. You may not always agree with your team members. Besides, your own motivation resources may be very different from your colleagues. However, this does not mean that resources are problematic. You must respect their preferences and help them to motivate them by using the tools they choose.

Provide perspective

It might be a good idea to help your colleagues understand how you look at things and try to learn their own solutions. Your colleagues should understand the way you work. If they know your way of working, the possibility of miscommunication or misunderstanding will be minimized. To achieve this, you should always be open and involve your team members as much as possible in their business processes.

In addition to these tips, spend time to understand what motivates them with your colleagues. When this is the case, your goals and motivation resources will be harmonious, and you will get better results.


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