USA Full Time Hours

USA Full Time Hours
USA Full Time Hours

Working Hours and Earnings in USA

How Much Will I Earn When I Attend the Paid Internship Program in USA?

If you participate in a salary internship program in America, the average hourly rate varies between 10-14 USD. These fees may vary depending on the employer and your position. In America, your weekly work hour will be paid and your average number of hours per week will be 40 hours. Again, as with the hourly wage, according to the employer you work with, your weekly hours may be even higher.

In America, you get the first 40 hours of regular time. However, since the 41st hour of overtime, you start taking 1.5 times your hourly rate. For example, if you work 60 hours a day for a total of 40 hours of normal work, 20 hours of overtime you have done overtime, and your earnings in a place where the hourly rate is 12 USD you can calculate as follows:

40 hours X 12 USD = 480 USD

20 hours X 18 USD = 360 USD

In this example, your weekly total earnings will be 840 USD and 3160 USD per month. However, if you pay attention to this example, you can calculate the cost of 60 hours a week. In general, employers offer 40 hours per week, so you can think of your monthly earnings as around 1800-2000 USD.

You pay a monthly average of 300-500 USD from your earnings. The remaining amount will be enough for you to cover your living expenses for 1 month. Some employees accumulate a good amount of money at the end of a 12-month or 18-month internship. With this feature, salaried internship programs in the USA are among the self-extracting programs.

Apart from the financial gain of the Internship / Internship programs in America, which is one of the cultural exchange programs of J1, you will be able to contribute to your career.

If you participate in salary internships in America;

– You can get work experience related to your field in a foreign company

– You could practice your foreign language in and out of your work environment

– Improve your technical vocabulary

Contribute to your professional and personal development by increasing your awareness of working in international business environment

– Meet people from different cultures and make new friends

– Experience the differences of professional business life in a foreign country

– Earn money while working, you can remove your program costs

– Add your work experience and language skills acquired in a foreign country to your CV. Thus, you increase your chances of working in a higher paid and better conditions employer than your competitors.

All the above are what you get when you participate in internship programs in the USA. Of course, it is important how much money you will earn in the program. Because during the program you do not want to live with your own earnings, to get financial support from your family or another acquaintance. The salary internship program in the US will also allow you to earn money while you are in the United States. But most importantly, it is the benefits that you will add to your career and your future. Keep in mind that investment in your future is your investment!

In America, you can take advantage of consultancy companies to get information about your internship opportunities. Fill in one minute on the site of the company and fill out the form when you click on the link. You can be sure that they will be able to return to you within 24 hours for your special internship opportunities.


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