Top 5 Mistakes In Learning English

Top 5 Mistakes In Learning English
Top 5 Mistakes In Learning English

In this article, you will learn the 5 mistakes most learned by the English learners. In the process of learning English, you can learn English faster and easier by avoiding these mistakes and as a result speak fluent English.

What are Top 5 Mistakes In Learning English?

Mistake 1: Focusing on English Grammar

A lot of research has shown that focusing on English grammaris damaging to theability to speak English and it isdelaying the speech in English . Because while talking, there is not enough time to think about a lot of complex rules. Just as we speak Turkish, we should be able to speak English automatically as we speak automatically without considering the rules of linguistics.

Mistake 2: Forcing English Speaking

Learn English in one of the biggest mistakes made by most of the teachers and English speaking English is to force yi. In the process of learning English, youshould have plenty of listening and patience. When students are ready to talk, they can speak English easily and naturally. Until then, conversation should not be difficult.

Mistake 3: Learning from Books Only

It is one of the most common mistakes to stay in school books in the process of learning English. Real English is very different from books. That is why you have to learn the English used in everyday life.

Mistake 4: Working To Be Perfec

Teachers usually focus on the mistakes of English learners. The students also worry about not doing wrong. They try not to make mistakes while talking. In fact, nobody is wrong. While the native language speaks English, every day makes a lot of mistakes. Your goal should not be to speak flawlessly. Your goal is to be able to tell your feelings and thoughts in a way. So you should learn how to use English as a communication tool.

Mistake 5: Trusting English Courses

Most of the students are only satisfied with the English courses. They think that English courses and English teachers are responsible for their own success. However, this is a false idea. You are solely responsible for your own success. I mean, you are the one who will learn English. Teachers and English courses can only help you, they can guide you. You should be active in learning English, not passive. You have to find English reading and listening parts and work every day.

In general, you can learn English faster and easier by avoiding these 5 mistakes .


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