Top 10 Accredited Online MBA Degree Programs

Top 10 Accredited Online MBA Degree Programs

Accredited online MBA degree programs need to responsibility business, family and school commitments, while increasing the populations as more and more people want to advance their education and careers. Accredited online MBA degree programs are various programs that allow students to earn an MBA in excellent universities according to their own schedule and are able to provide a valuable MBA education as much as the one taken in the traditional classroom environment.

MBA distance education programs use various modalities for the delivery of the curriculum. This web conferencing, direct broadcast satellite, live stream, email, message boards and chat rooms. Accredited online MBA degree programs examine the same curriculum experience in a classroom setting and areas such as business as marketing, management, accounting, finance, law and ethics. In accredited online MBA degree programs, students are usually expected to complete the completion project to complete a thesis or bachelor program.

For more information on Top 10 ranked accredited online MBA degree programs learning options offered to you, take a look through the following programs!

10. Online MBA University Canada West (UCW)

Online MBA University Canada West (UCW)

The UCW Business Master (Online MBA) program will prepare you for leadership on the global stage. This program has been accredited by ACBSP. You will undertake the most challenging situations you will go through, apply pragmatic solutions to the problems you face, and ultimately you will succeed in the success of an organization through your informed decision-making process.

Graduates of the Online MBA program may:

Strategically answer business challenges and opportunities. Evaluate the ethical consequences of business activities. Develop accredited online MBA degree programs, implement and evaluate solutions to business problems. Formulate systematic analyzes that reflect business decisions and critical thinking. Demonstrate effective skills to collaborate with diverse human groups. projects, and tasks. Integrate personal values ​​and perspectives into problem solving and take responsibility for decisions. Convincing (written and verbal) communication as a result of comprehensive analysis of knowledge. 3.00 of the 4.33 scale (or equivalent) is a cumulative grade point average or better. Do one of the following: In the last five years An acceptable score on a Graduate Record Admission Test (GMAT) or Graduate Record Examinations (GRE). A good Canadian professional assignment or equivalent international assignment (eg. CPA, CA, CGA, CMA, CHRP, or P.Eng) .Bunderment (BBA) or Trade (BComm) or an equivalent degree.

9. Online MBA Vlerick Business School Online

Online MBA Vlerick Business School Online

Challenge to be successful

Revive your career, learn new techniques to guide organizational change, and discover your entrepreneur. Get an accredited online MBA degree programs from one of Europe’s leading three accredited business schools across the globe.

While studying anywhere in the world, you will challenge strategic thinking in contemporary management issues. In today’s rapidly changing business environment, you will develop the skills and confidence necessary to become a more agile and effective leader.

You will learn from a trio of accredited business schools, experienced and passionate, so you will concentrate on delivering a dynamic and satisfying learning experience that will help you build a great career in an exceptional career.

8. Online MBA University of Birmingham

Online MBA University of Birmingham

The world’s first 100% Online MBA to become accredited by the MBA (AMBA) Association combines qualification with flexibility to enhance your ability to perform at the highest level of global business management.

Be aware of your ambitions
Designed for decisive, prospective professionals with at least three years of management experience, the fully accredited online MBA will help you achieve greater success in your current role or in search of your own business.

The Birmingham University Online MBA is administered by the world-renowned Birmingham Business School. We are the oldest and most established business school in the UK and we are the first university to be 100% accredited by the AMBA for the accredited online MBA degree programs. It is also accredited by the World Business Schools (AACSB) and the European Society for Quality Improvement (EQUIS), which gives us triple crown accreditation and affirms our elite position only with business schools around the world.

7. Online MBA The Biggest Online MBA of USA

Online MBA The Biggest Online MBA of USA

We live in exciting times. Whatever sector you are in, innovation and technology have created a world that is changing day by day. It has become more difficult to have the most up-to-date skills, knowledge, and experience to progress, advance, and advance in our increasingly intense lives.

That’s why we have developed our 100% digital, fully flexible MBA program specifically for working adults. The program is fully accredited in USA and internationally known as a university accredited online MBA degree programs. Based on a practical learning approach, the course is constantly updated to meet your needs and proven to deliver real career results. This means intelligent work solutions. On this track, you can study online anytime and you can achieve your career goals faster by implementing what you learn from the first goal.

6. Online MBA University of Florida

Online MBA University of Florida

University of Florida, Open and Distance Education System is the first institution that makes higher education in our country with modern distance education model. University of Florida and distance education beyond 30 years of experience in the brand in USA, Management Distance Education Thesis wanting to get a master’s degree and Master’s Degree Program is provided to our students.

Through distance learning, which is applied in many countries and is a contemporary education, every age, every income or every profession group can continue its education by adjusting its learning according to its own speed and capacities without losing human productivity. Distance education, which encompasses education models that bring together students, teaching staff and educational tools in different locations with communication technologies, is an educational philosophy that enables the utilization of age technology.

With the Master of Business Administration Distance Learning Program without thesis;

  • You can decide when and where to learn without disturbing your life order.
  • You can join live lectures on the internet with expert academicians in their fields.
  • You can work on e-learning materials designed to support individual learning

5. Online MBA University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Online MBA University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Master of Business Administration Program in Distance Education
A large number of policy initiatives in our country aim to enhance the productivity of American SMEs and to develop international competitiveness. In order to achieve this aim, the mentioned policies envisage the development of new financing instruments such as risk capital and the use of modern management techniques.

It is important that you have the necessary business knowledge to use these tools effectively. The e-MBA program is aimed at making universities more accessible with the application of long-term non-thesis accredited online MBA degree programs on the internet. In this sense, it is aimed to inform both entrepreneurs and employees about the existing theories and emerging innovations in the field of business.

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the Master of Business Administration (MBA) program is a contemporary and effective business graduate program that can be attended by university graduates who work at all levels of institutions and who want to update and update their knowledge, as well as career development. Those who graduated from the program will be employed in the administrative positions of the administrative units of the production, service, trade and public institutions.

The activities that will enable the graduate students to demonstrate the high level cognitive skills (analysis, synthesis, evaluation) aimed at reaching in the graduate programs without distance education will be achieved through asynchronous and synchronous communication in the intensive interactive distance education model.

4. Online MBA Johns Hopkins University

Online MBA Johns Hopkins University

Distance learning provided by Johns Hopkins University and having sufficient level of technological equipment in the place where the training is conducted also increases the level of education given. Thanks to its superior technical infrastructure and the wide range of opportunities available to students, finishing the online MBA is now easy.

The Live Class is a structure that is structured with videoconferencing and live broadcast technology, and incorporates the participants in an interactive environment, with the instructor in physically different locations.

The System Specialists at the center of the live classrooms perform the controls of the courses and can intervene immediately in the event of a disruption in this method that works with the technology infrastructure.

Online MBA Software Infrastructure

  • Synchronous (EYS) and Asynchronous (Adobe Connect Pro) platforms are used.
  • Asynchronous (EYS),
  • Course Contents,
  • Homeworks
  • Midterm Exams
  • documents
  • Sync (Adobe Connect Pro)
  • Whiteboard Application
  • Audible and Video Access
  • Course Registration

Johns Hopkins University Online MBA Advantages

  • Decrease in education expenses,
  • Due to the fact that it is a more centralized system,
  • Distance education is more sustainable due to the opportunities provided,
  • To enable faster transfer of technological developments,
  • Ensuring equal access of all individuals to education,
  • Individuals need to have different educational needs and provide individual, independent learning and mass education by developing new possibilities in situations where the current education system does not meet it
  • The creation of new options to remove disruptions in traditional education practices,
  • Creating new models that create educational opportunities for individuals outside of the current education,
  • Whether students and educators living in different countries of the world have the opportunity to communicate effectively,
  • It is possible for the students to benefit from the educational opportunities of the universities located in different countries of the world,
  • It can be considered as providing comfort to students with psychological problems (eg social phobia).

3. Online MBA Carnegie Mellon University

Online MBA Carnegie Mellon University

The Carnegie Mellon University online MBA Program is designed to enable managers to develop creative solutions to the challenges they face in practice. Students have the opportunity to review and analyze the unique qualities of business life in the world comparatively to other environments while at the same time gaining the opportunity to monitor the current moon and developments in the world on the one hand.

In addition to theoretical lectures, lectures are taught by professional staff in both global and local business and management issues, supporting teamwork, computer simulations, projects and students’ career by nurturing applications in real business life. The accredited online MBA degree programs is designed to give students the expertise and experience they need in all business environments. The constantly evolving use of the internet and information technologies require managers to have modern business information and to combine this information with technical tools. Enrolling in a postgraduate program may require you to spend a significant amount of time on this occasion for a few years, and stay away from your work and daily life. The online MBA program allows those who want to improve their career to acquire the necessary qualifications without changing their daily work or private experience. The program will provide the necessary knowledge and skills to managers who want to succeed in today’s increasingly difficult international business world.

The online MBA Program, an internationally accredited USA distance learning online business-based graduate program, is tailored to the needs of the business world in strategic areas. The program, which will acquire hardware such as Marketing, Management and Finance, gives a new dimension to the education of the graduate students through interactive structure.

, In the online MBA non-thesis graduate program with 3 semesters of normal completion period, the education workload of the student is 90 ECTS and the lesson plan consists of at least 10 local courses with at least 10 courses and one term project. 1 ECTS corresponds to 25.5 hours of teaching-learning workload of the student in one semester.

2. Online MBA Northwest Missouri State University Graduate School

Online MBA Northwest Missouri State University Graduate School

The Online MBA programe is designed for all students from different undergraduate courses and has no pre-requisite for job application. It is also suitable for students who want to gain professional work experience in business life while also wanting to graduate from E – Business. Master’s Program in Business Administration without thesis / thesis is a 3-semester program. Students are admitted every fall and spring semesters. Students who are accepted to the programa follow the lectures with a limited group of registered students and may choose the courses they want to take from the various elective courses. The elective courses in the program offer students the possibility to concentrate their master’s studies in specific areas according to their career plans and to select the most appropriate courses for this. To learn more about the lessons, you can review the content descriptions of the lessons. By arranging course elections in this way, graduate students can concentrate their graduate studies in one or more areas, or they can create a wider field of study by selecting elective courses in a wide range of subjects.

Northwest Missouri State University Graduate School The Master of Science (MSc) MBA Program is designed to provide the foundation for education to students with the potential to become successful professional managers of the future. One of the prerequisites for participating in the program is to have a bachelor’s degree. Students who have successfully completed the program are expected to:

  • Full and integrated knowledge of basic concepts, tools and theories of professional management,
  • Behavioral and analytical skills necessary to deal creatively and effectively with the business and its problems,
  • The ability to grasp the economic, political, technological and social environments in which the enterprises operate,
  • Professional and personal integrity and social responsibility in both internal and external administrative work of the employer.

Online Master of Business Administration (MBA) program offers a wide variety of courses to help each student shape their curriculum to prepare them for the best possible career or job choice. While it is not necessary to concentrate on a particular area in the program, many students prefer to concentrate their curriculum in the areas indicated below, market orientated. Students can concentrate on one or more areas according to their needs and wishes, or they can choose to take a variety of elective courses to pursue their master’s degree in a more general business area.

Elective Courses and Project Subjects;
– Management organization
– Human resources
– Hospital and Health Institutions Administration
– Business Administration (Online MBA)
– Management information systems
– Public relations
– Accounting Management and Auditing
– Banking and finance
– Marketing
– Tourism management
– Logistics Management

1. Online MBA West Liberty University Gary E. West College Of Business

Online MBA West Liberty University Gary E. West College Of Business

You do not have to attend a graduate degree program that is limited in time and space to reach the knowledge that you need in your workplace to improve you. Information based on the foundation year 2000 The Distance Learning accredited online MBA degree programs is a good alternative for those who want to improve themselves no matter where in the world. This program has been developed especially for those who live outside of Istanbul, those who have busy travel programs, or those who have trouble completing their course hours even if they work in Istanbul.

The duration of the Online MBA Programs is 3 semesters. The program consists of 5 Compulsory, 5 Elective and 1 Completion Projects.

The Istanbul Bilgi University Distance Learning Business (Online MBA) Graduate Program is offered in two options in English. In order to graduate, five compulsory courses, five elective courses and a finishing project have to be completed.

Lecture notes are published every week on the Learn Learn web site. Opening lecture notes remain open until the end of the semester.

We ask you to come to the santralistanbul campus for the final exams to be held during the semester in the Online MBA Program.

Compulsory Courses

The five mandatory courses that constitute the foundation are arranged with the aim of responding to the questions of business managers in business life and forming the required sub-structure.

Elective Courses

Students take five elective lessons according to their interests in each semester. Elective courses, which focus on finance, marketing and general management, provide students with practical solutions for practical solutions.
The elective courses offered in the programs vary periodically.

Graduation project

Students are obliged to prepare a finishing project under the coordination of the faculty members of the university. The goal of the graduation project is to provide students with a deeper working and research experience in an area of ​​their interest, outside of classes. Then the student prepares the project under the supervision of the project advisor and delivers it at the end of the term. The project course is evaluated as unsuccessful (“F”) or successful (“P”), and does not participate in the overall grade average.

Lecture notes prepared by the academic staff are published weekly on the Learn Learn platform and remain open until the end of the semester. Additional reading documents related to the course of the week are delivered to the students via the Blackboard platform. The lessons also include exercises, assignments, case studies, and other online activities provided for the implementation of the related exercises.


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