Tips for Important Interview Questions

Tips for Important Interview Questions
Tips for Important Interview Questions

If you are interviewing for a job, it is no longer sufficient to answer questions with experience. It is now more important that you express yourself confidently to questions while under pressure. You can imagine that a profile that is very experienced but cannot speak with excitement will not be preferred. Fortunately, you can learn how to answer possible questions. In this article, we will give you a few tips.

1. You are too qualified for this job, why do you want it?

In order to answer this question correctly, it is necessary to understand why it is asked. Because the manager may have thought this by asking this question. (Is he bored doing this job?) Another possibility is to think (maybe he didn’t understand the job?). If you have a lot of experience (Can he do the job properly?). They may also think that you will fail in this low-level position because of your whims. It is very important that you answer the question by acting in the awareness of all these.

The most accurate answer to such a question can be: Yes, I am very qualified for this position. But I want this job for some urgent financial expectations rather than my career goals. You can also reply as follows. My experience may be an advantage for you, if I succeed, you win. In short, you should indicate that you are suitable even for this job.

2. How do you deal with a very busy working period?

In this question, we need to understand how to learn. You can ask this question to understand how to react during stressful times when your work is intensified. In other words, they want to know which methods you will use when you conduct business in a healthy way. Saying that you will overcome the intensity by working hard on the problem to be faced is a cliché answer. However, the main point that bosses or employers want is this. You are expected to manage the time correctly. You will be prompted to put the priority tasks in order. Every answer to this logic is correct.

3. What do you do when you can’t complete a project you need to finish on time?

The purpose of asking this question is, of course, to understand how to behave if things don’t catch up. In other words, you will show how you can develop a strategy in extraordinary situations. The most beautiful answer to be given is this. Which tasks have to be raised today. Once I know that, I can postpone more trivial tasks that cannot be raised. It will be shaped. In short, your answer should give information about the strategic approach you will develop in such situations.

4. Can you tell us about your working style?

Their purpose is to ask more than one question. Do you work as a team or individually? Are you easily organized? Do you work on a project basis? They ask this question to find answers to such questions. We also reserve the positive answers that you make when you plan well or work fast.

5. Can you explain yourself in one word?

The main reason they ask such strange questions is to analyze you better. Thanks to the tips you give, you can relax the manager to hire you. Remember that the person who will hire you is doing his / her own job when deciding. Actually, he’s gambling with you. If you are hired, your failure will indicate that you are not doing well. The best answer to this question is (Dynamic). It is preferable to have a dynamic structure that will best adapt to the changing conditions. Even if words like happy, respectful are really telling you, they do not give clear information to the other side because they are not related to work.

6. What are your hobbies?

It’s a classic question, but there’s a reason. That is, it is asked in almost every interview since it can provide a lot of information to the other party related to the candidate. Your answer to this question should be based on what you should avoid to say more. Because they can give negative energy to the other side. It is not true to say that you are very hardworking and you will never give up. The best answer to a classical question is perhaps hidden in classical answers. Having hobbies that can keep up with the corporate culture means you can adapt quickly. For example, reading books, going to the movies, throwing or playing football are the best answers.



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