These Countries Are Mostly Preferred to Work Abroad

These Countries Are Mostly Preferred to Work Abroad
These Countries Are Mostly Preferred to Work Abroad

A survey was conducted among 159 foreign workers from different countries. According to the results of the survey, we have compiled the 10 countries that the top-level managers and expats want to work with in order to meet the basic criteria such as economy, life experience and family.

Different criteria are discussed in the evaluation process

In the title of economy criterion there is salary, career development and local economy of the country in question. The experience of living is located in the local culture, security and social life. Under the heading family criterion, the comparison between the family life in their own country, the costs of their children’s education and health criteria are included. According to the data obtained as a result of the average of all criteria is not surprising. Singapore was the most preferred country to work. Norway and New Zealand are followed by Singapore, respectively.

Here are Countries Are Mostly Preferred to Work Abroad

10- United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates attracts many managers, expat and engineer due to the economic conditions it has. In the survey; 75 percent of managers and expat working in Europe, South or Central Asia. These employees, rather than working in their own country, said they prefer to work in oil-rich B.A.E.

9- Austria

According to the survey data, Austria’s economy and life experience score is 0.56, and family eligibility score is 0.44. The only disadvantage of the managers is the poor social life in the country due to the high average age of the Austrian population.

8. Sweden

According to the survey results, Northern European countries dominate the list. In addition to the Netherlands and Sweden, it is one of the preferred countries in Norway and is being replaced by the Netherlands.

7. Australia

Managers and expats choose Australia for the sunniest seasons, rich investment and business options. While 34 percent of the respondents praised the social life in Australia, 75 percent emphasized that they adapted to culture very easily compared to 64 of the respondents.

6. Canada

Participants working in Canada in the survey stated that their new homes are safe, and they live a more social and stable life. The most tolerant country, which says the most warmth to its new citizens, is chosen. 76% of respondents say that Canada is full of people who are much more open-minded than their own.

5. Netherlands

According to the Dutch survey, the country was chosen as the country with the most appropriate conditions for living. 76 percent of managers say they chose the Netherlands for health reasons and 72 percent for their children’s education.

4. Germany

Germany was 3th in the field of economics. Germany was the 5th in terms of family concepts. In terms of life experience criterion, Germany has made significant progress in comparison to last year and has risen to 4th place in 10th place.

3. New Zealand

New Zealand stands out as the best location in terms of life experience with a score of 0.61. 58 percent of executives said they moved to New Zealand in order to improve their quality of life.

2. Norway

Norway’s position in the index is quite high and stable, according to the survey results. Norway is the second country in terms of economy and stands out as 6th in life experience and 4th in family eligibility criteria.

1. Singapore

Singapore, also known as the city of gardens, is chosen as the best location for working abroad when the average of all living conditions has been considered for the last three years. 26 percent of respondents describe Singapore’s education system as excellent, compared to 10 percent of the global average. 64 percent of the quality of life after moving to Singapore is rising.


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