The Way to Achieve Your Goals?

The Way to Achieve Your Goals?
The Way to Achieve Your Goals?

Do you know that the biggest obstacle to achieving its goals is the plateau effect? First of all, let’s explain what is the plateau effect. It loses the function of the mind for a while and experiences a blockage. The effect of this situation is called plateau effect. The most important reason for this is to feel nothing against routine events.

In fact, the plateau effect is a defense mechanism. This effect can be found in everyone. For example, there’s a 10-minute drive you need to drive. But there is traffic and you can go this way in 40 minutes. And this happens every day. Again, and again very short distances are going too long. Now this situation is normal, and you do not complain. The reason for this is the plateau effect, the feeling of habituation and acceptance.

To be successful and to advance in your career, you must break this mechanism. Bob Sullivan and Dr. Thomas Thompson explains in his book Plateau Effect: Getting from Stuck To Success, how he describes the Plateau Effect and how to break it.

3 stages

Cognitive: At this stage, you set the target and you are doing a program on how to reach it. For example, the goal is to graduate abroad. To do this, you plan how many averages should be, which exams to attend, and whether or not to attend a course to improve the foreign language.

Associative: You are now working at this stage with more efficiency, less concentration and little error. For example; You worked for a master’s degree to understand the language spoken in your foreign city. Now you’re good at this. You’ve already memorized some simple patterns.

Plateau stage: At this stage, the system is now automated. The learning process stops because you learn enough languages ​​to deal with someone. However, there are dozens of new words waiting for you, a local expression pattern. You are struggling to learn new words because you stopped learning, and you are interrupting your development because of your brain’s numbness.

How can You get Rid of the Plateau Effect?

Keep going

At the plateau stage, the person tends to give up his goal. He thinks that he cannot do the rest because he has stopped his development and questions the suitability of the target to himself. This motivation is not only due to the plateau effect and is part of the development. Nevertheless, continue with the path, that is, the development process, never change the target.

You shouldn’t load too much yourself

After you have overcome the plateau stage, you must continue to push and evolve. However, at this point we should not tire ourselves, we should not be too hard and we must be patient. Otherwise, this force can do more harm than good.

You must accept the feeling of discomfort

The brain gets used to the plateau effect as it is used to everything. The pauses we have experienced during the development process concern us first. Then knowing that this is part of the process allows us to accept and relax. We know that pause is temporary, which is important because it will show that our development process will continue to grow stronger.


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