The List of Needs to Keep the Interview

The List of Needs to Keep the Interview

While many candidates go to the job interview only attention to the costume. However, it is important to keep in mind that there are different tools that can lead to a very good job interview. Here’s a list of these for you.

Think like this: You’re going to interview for a dream job. You’re shaking hands with the recruiter. However, the basic things that should be accompanied by a notebook, a pen, a copy of the CV, the important notes you previously received about the company and so on. none of them. So, your hands are empty. This situation negatively affects the course of the job interview.

In order to avoid being unprepared during a job interview, you should start preparing for the interview. In order to create a good impression in the job interview, we can list the things you need:

  1. File

When you go to a job interview, you first need a file or a folder to be able to move the paper, such as a note, a document, or a copy of your resume. This shows that you have an organized and orderly structure, which is a feature that many employers look for in their employees.

  1. Copies of your resume

You already submitted your resume when you applied for a job. However, the recruiter or the employer may not produce a printout when entering the interview. Remember this is a common case.

Recruiters, employers, or department managers are often extremely busy people. That’s why it’s important to have a few copies of CVs that you can take out and offer right away. A few copies, because you don’t know how many people you can talk to.

  1. Business Card

It can include contact information for the resume, but nothing can replace a small, easy-to-carry contact. That’s why you should have business cards with up-to-date contact information. A simple business card can bring you to the tip of your feet.

  1. Portfolio / business examples

If you are in a creative sector such as advertising, journalism, graphic design, architecture or fashion, you should take samples of the work you have done before. You can also add positive feedback from customers to these jobs.

  1. References

If your interview goes well and the recruiter decides to hire you, he may ask you for different references. Don’t forget to make a list with the current contact information of your references.

  1. Pen and notepad

Taking notes during the interview may be useful for several reasons. First, it shows that he is actively listening to the interviewer. Moreover, it prevents you from forgetting important details about your work. However, when taking notes, you should pay attention not to lose eye contact for a long time.

  1. Questions

To show that you are really interested in the business, prepare questions to show that you understand the company’s core values, the requirements and the culture of the company. These may be:

– How does your company define and measure success?

– What’s the most important thing I can do in this company in the first 60 days?

– What do you do to promote cooperation among colleagues?

– How do managers give feedback to employees?

  1. Smile

It’s very important to smile to leave a positive impact on business negotiations. So don’t forget to take your smile with you.


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