The Development of Shoes With The Effect of Fashion

The Development of Shoes With The Effect of Fashion
The Development of Shoes With The Effect of Fashion

We are here again with a creative business idea. Shoe fashion is changing, evolving, and continues to look for ways to respond to your needs more comfortably. From a commercial point of view, it is more attractive to produce shoes with higher and more profit margins. However, the consumer can produce negative reactions to such production and marketing behaviors.

In fact, millions of shoes go to waste every year and this product is among the basic needs of people. The first expectation of the shoes that the consumers think about buying is that the shoe is sufficient in terms of aesthetics. It has to be sufficiently robust and cost-effective. That is, products that can best respond to all of these expectations continue to be successful in the market.

It is very important that recycling is possible

Because, in recent years, the production of materials from recycling seems to have gained popularity. Considering that there is a consumption frenzy, the number of people with this sensitivity is not at all low. So, many people prefer this type of product to protect nature and to create awareness. Fortunately, the number of initiatives that can respond to this mode of consumption is increasing.

One student from Ireland’s Dublin Institute of Technology, Evan Stuart, is one of these entrepreneurs. Evan Stuart had a good analysis of the fact that the shoes used were not able to repair the shoes after the wear.

Also, he emphasized that a significant effect of the choice of stitched shoes is robust. With the method it has developed, it allows users to change the old or worn parts of their shoes over time. Parts that are fixed together with laces can be replaced with new parts to be purchased over the internet.

Example of the development of the shoe with the effect of fashion

This method gives consumers the opportunity to show their creativity. In addition, shoe combinations that can be produced and replaced in a practical way provide the emergence of original samples.

Those who are uncomfortable with seeing the same item on another person can have their own shoes. The idea that the consumer is able to advertise his own style makes this project successful.

Research and development work in progress

Evan Stuart, who designs 43 different shoe models, is continuing its research and development activities. After a short research, we learn that it works on more durable and pleasing content that can combine more comfortably.

Evan Stuart continues his satisfaction-oriented projects, paying special attention to the materials he uses to have materials suitable for recycling. Let us remind you that the Layer project received the James Dyson Award.


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