Suggestions for Working Mothers

Suggestions for Working Mothers
Suggestions for Working Mothers

You have heard too many suggestions for working mothers. However, most of them do not go any further than the law and bore you. In this article, we have compiled the problems and solutions that working mothers have come up with.

Modern life has brought us so many difficulties with many blessings. As our needs increase, the costs in the house also increase, and now the work of one person in the family is not enough to cover all the costs. We are aware of everything new in our age when the communication opportunities with the evolving technology do not limit. We want to have the best of everything. What we want to have is increasing, life conditions are getting harder and harder. Women want to use their education in their working life. This also means that their mother also takes part in business life.

Becoming a Working Woman

When women start to work, they are under a lot of burdens. A lot of pre-existing responsibilities and duties come to the fore.

  • Being responsible in the home,
  • What to do as a spouse,
  • Obligations as an employee,
  • Responsibilities as a mother,
  • The woman who has to cope with many problems and emotions such as the feeling of guilt caused by being a working mother is living with complex sentiments sensitively given that she is a mother beyond everything.

It is of course a positive attitude to take part in the working life. Adapting these trainings in the face of the lanan education and being in the production and production also has a positive effect on the mood of the woman. Besides, if the right programming can not be done, . In some cases they may face a health problem known as ‘Super Maternal Syndrome’.

  • A good partner,
  • A good housewife,
  • A good business woman,
  • Being a good mother sometimes makes the women so depressed that they may have to deal with serious psychological problems.

Having so many good things together is really difficult and women often do not give up acting perfection.

Being A Working Mother

It is already hard enough to work because of the increasingly difficult living conditions, but it is even more difficult for a woman to be a woman working at the same time as a mother. Something to think about normally can only be within a certain range of women, but it can be extremely annoying if it is a mother. bad surprises may be encountered. It is enough for a mother to panic when she finds out that her child has a fever or is having trouble at school with the phone that arrives during the day.

Being a mother means never being prepared for bad surprises,
To be a mother means to deliver your management voluntarily to your baby, which is in the middle of your life.
To be a mother means to devote your life to everything else and any other life you have had before your life.
Being a mother means making your child grow up in the best possible way.
While working mothers have serious responsibilities both in home and work, the main responsibility is felt towards children. Sometimes this responsibility can bring another negative emotion in mothers: guilt.

A Feeling of Guilt

Working mothers are well known that they often experience problems with their children. These feelings are mainly emotional panic and guilt. These feelings are developing in mothers who do not work when children are born but then have to work after they have had to work.

Of course, it is not a very pleasant situation to start with when you spend most of your time with your child and to stay separated from the children for a long time. If necessary, you need to find ways of coping with this emotion.

Problems we face when we look at working mothers;

The delay caused by the intense working hours of the traffic or on the return of the mother to the house and the stress associated with it.
When you get home, you have to shop and cook for the first time.
During these times, children are not treated as competently.
In fact, she is too tired and unable to get a chance to rest.
Often, the people who will share the burden of the mother are only interested in child care, and all the burden in the home order remains the mother’s responsibility
Your father is not actively involved during child rearing and home tasks.
It is expected that the obligations of the woman to fulfill her duty should not be taken seriously and she should be separated from the work if necessary.
Except for all the duties assigned to the woman here, the message given is “Be a good mother and work if necessary.” If you have to work because of circumstances, your mother will have to struggle with guilt.

Managing Time Good

The greatest obsession of a working mother is to think that she can not have enough time for her child. In this way, guilt can develop feelings. The child, who belongs to her child at work, believes that she has stolen the time from her right.

When a woman takes part in work life in the direction of a woman’s education, she enjoys the fact that she is a great self-reliance, fulfillment, producing person. For a woman who does not work for her, she is often a nervous mood due to the difficulty of giving her diploma .The tension can also sometimes be reflected in negative forms to the child. The child sees the child as the reason for not working under the rule.

It is also known that in some cases mothers try to fill in the time and love gap that they think they can not give to their children and that they have received too many gifts to make up for the guilt they have experienced. It is also known that mother is a mother who submits to the child’s whims, who does whatever she wants with extreme pampering in her guilt. However, what the child wants is neither pampered nor unlimited gifts. What she wants is to spend time with her mother and to be together.

Even when the mother is doing house work, talking with the child and allowing her to be with her, it is actually a draw. During the time, chatting with each other, providing the feeling of adequate care for the child to share what they have lived during the day.

In fact, the whole point here is to be able to manage time and use it well. A mother who can act in a program will be very productive throughout her life because she is using the right time to work. It is very important to manage the time for the working mother. a mother who is able to apply the programmed life by adopting the relationship with the child and its surroundings;

  • from unnecessary strains,
  • the conflict,
  • seeing others as the cause of fatigue and trouble,
  • feeling insufficient and weak,
  • will be away from negative emotions.

What is Suggestions for Working Mothers?

What is important for working mothers to devote enough time to their children is not how much time is spent but how much time is spent. The time spent together for children is not important. The quality of the activities and sharing together during the time shared together.

For example, instead of saying “I have a lot of work from home,” when the mother who comes home from work is in the hurry to eat, instead of saying “there is a lot of work from home” to the child who wants to take care of her, she is actually taking some kind of active attendance by giving her opportunity to do some activities. In this case the child feels that he is both with his mother and interested in him.

When the mother works or works, the children need discipline as much as love. respecting themselves and their surroundings; some rules should be put in order to educate children who comply with the rules of society. Children who are enlarged by doing whatever they want with excessive tolerance will be individuals who will have compliance and behavior problems in the future.

Being together does not mean to teach together, to help with his assignments. This is often misunderstood, even if it seems like sharing things together by the parents. Being with a child is a particular way to do some activities, such as painting, sports, playing games, watching a movie together, The activity or course is a different action than these ones, and it wants to see a mother and not a teacher in front of a child who has missed her mother until the next.

Another mistake the family has made is seeing time spent with their children as a job and connecting it to a situation: an approach like ‘I play games with you if I finish my homework before I arrive’ feels like you are doing it as a task and you are not really keen. our moms suggestions would be:

  • Not much time to share quality time.
  • Taking regular time to the child after work and spending time with him individually.
  • Avoiding excessive gifts by knowing that the child needs love and attention.
  • Do not allow the working mother to use her child’s weaknesses as her trumps.
  • To make the child feel that the family has its own rules.
  • Do not look at disciplined behavior without acting too hard with guilt.
  • Every family and conditions are unique. Familial features are important in relation to children. However, the way to be determined, ruleful and related to the family is related to children by taking time.