Storage Container Following Consumption Time

Storage Container Following Consumption Time
Storage Container Following Consumption Time

There is no one who does not see the people who are starving. We need to review our habit of consuming food in our age when so many people starve to death. Did you know that in the US, an average of 150,000 tons of food per day is wasted? 55 million tons of food goes to trash a year. You can now discuss the impact on the economy. Someone thought about what I could do for it and found out how to keep the food longer. We can say that this method has made a breakthrough in its field using technology. This storage container called Ovie Smarterware is simple, but it is really needed. This initiative, headquartered in Chicago, has raised a significant amount of funding at consumer fairs.

Let us briefly recognize the storage container following the consumption time

The developed storage container sends a notification to the consumer that the food is about to break down. So, it allows you to keep track of the foods in your refrigerator. It sends you information about how long the food has been in the refrigerator and how long the food can remain intact. It is also very interesting to offer you information about the mode of consumption. The product will soon be integrated with smart home systems.

The basic function of the storage container is on the Bluetooth-enabled key on the lid. When you close the lid, the keystroke starts to follow the food inside the container. In fact, it would be wrong to limit it to just a storage container. The developers also designed jar-shaped ones and package clips. The most prominent part of the technology, which works in sync with voice assistants like Google, Amazon assistant, is the key.

In addition to the button, there are special storage containers and package clips inside, but the most prominent part is of course the button. When you activate the button, the green light is on when the food is fresh. Later on, when the food starts to deteriorate, the light begins to turn yellow and then to red. This allows you to visually check the food in your refrigerator without having to inspect any notification. We know that refrigerators have similar features. However, we should not forget that the prices are also very high. The average price of 3 of these storage containers is expected to be $ 80-90.

To learn more about a successful business idea, Smarterware, you can watch a few promotional videos online.


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