Social Media Suggestions for Job Seekers

Social Media Suggestions for Job Seekers
Social Media Suggestions for Job Seekers

In recent years, the impact of social media in the process of finding a job cannot be denied. Many HR experts collect information about the candidate from their social media accounts. They look at the people, the pages, the shares that the candidate follows. In this way, they try to understand whether the candidate meets the criteria they want. So, managing your social media relationships using a strategy strengthens your chances of finding a job.

According to the surveys, about 70 percent of employers examine their social media accounts in order to better recognize candidates before making their decision. HR managers are skeptical about meeting someone they can’t find online.

Each social media network has its own features and applications that will work for it. We did some research on how to use them.


The people you follow, the pages, the brands are enough to create a judgment about you. The person who decides to hire you examines your interests, your political views, and the thoughts you share. Decide whether you are compatible for company cultures.

Using Twitter, you can meet many managers and prospective coworkers. You can combine your business life with the created network. Under normal circumstances, you can reach people who will not make an appointment for a job interview. You can find the opportunity to contact the company employees who do not have the chance to come together. Especially managers are open to interaction.

An important part of the tweets you write should be relevant to the sector of the company you want to work with. You can quote the ideas of the experts in your profession. You can also use Twitter to identify leaders in an organization you want to work with. You can keep an eye on them by following them and reviewing their tweets. You must answer these leaders’ Tweets and try to communicate. So, you can come forward in front of other candidates.


On Facebook, you’ll need to remove the posts that damage your image, which will have a positive impact on your job search process. Then you should share relevant company-related content on the company. You have to do this periodically (not all of your shares should be in one day paylaƟ) otherwise this will occur. Instead of the positive image you’re trying to create, you get the impression that a fake personality exists.

You must be careful with the point of content you share. Be sure to share content that you’ll be proud of a few years later. Check your privacy settings and be cautious about making your private shares public. Please note that once online, content will live forever on the internet.

There is information that everyone should be able to see. These contact information, where you live, a memorable photo, professional skills, experiences, current business situation … You should follow the industry’s leading companies and employees in these companies. You must share and comment on the groups followed by these people.

By being a member of such groups, you can follow the developments in the sector and find the opportunity to meet people from this sector. You can improve yourself as well as find people in your profile. In fact, you’ll create your own personal brand with things you’ll do on these platforms. I mean, what you’re going to do should be consistent, in harmony with each other.


Indisputably, Instagram is a number of social media recently.

Companies, brands, popular people share photos on these social media channels and live broadcasts. You should not only use one of the social media accounts we have listed. Instagram, which you can write in the first order, can open many doors on your own. What you can do on this platform can really make you a focal point. Because companies can exhibit and sell their products on these platforms and immediately return to written messages. It’s up to you to use this as a trump.

We hope you got the main idea in this article. Using social media in the most effective way possible can really take you a few steps ahead. But in doing so you should not compromise your own character. Even after years, you should not regret the shares you made, you should be happy to be a part of you. Your shares, your comments, your answers should be organized, and if you do it by focusing on a specific goal, you will definitely attract attention. Just be yourself when trying to attract attention. If you find a job as a result of these activities, you will not be able to act for the people you will work with for years.


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