Social Media May Be A Threat for Your Career

Social Media May Be A Threat for Your Career
Social Media May Be A Threat for Your Career

Social media, which come as part of our lives, are also directly influential in recruitment and job evaluation processes. Anything we do or don’t do in these environments is enough for you to have some ideas about you.

We share pictures, write comments, open up access to a lot of information about ourselves. As a result, the number of tracks we have left on the digital world is growing.

What are Digital Footprints?

What are Digital Footprints
What are Digital Footprints?

Consisting of the most famous platforms we share consciously. I mean, I’m here, look here is the thing that is shared about me, the content we publish with our emotions is our footprints.

What are Digital Shadows?

It means that you have posted information about you on the internet without being aware of you or without your control. Hence, your friend uploading a picture about you to social networking sites on the Internet is published as a digital shadow. First of all, you have no knowledge of this sharing and you are not in control of it.

Digital Life Develops Yourself

Digital habits that increase with each passing year, the quality and accuracy of the information on social media directly affect your career. Now, HR experts are conducting research on the candidate on the Internet to determine the most appropriate candidate.

Information on the Internet Candidates are also used as Interest Arms

Candidates are also examining social media accounts to attract the attention of HR experts. Because the candidate plans to use the information, they have about the HR specialist in the job interview. That is to say, more candidates and HR experts can access a lot of information using the Internet. Thus, digital traces and shadows cause prejudices about us.

What You Need to Consider Avoiding Social Media

– The e-mail addresses we use

Childish e-mail addresses are a negative image for you. Because it creates a perception that the candidate has a personality that is insecure. As a result, the creation of your e-mail addresses using names and surnames is more advantageous for the candidate. Thus, a positive image can be created in terms of prestige and increases the likelihood of being in the search results.

Interrogate yourself on the Internet

First of all, you can see how the shares you have made with a little research on the internet show you how. Then, you can remove the information that you do not think you are against and think against you. Furthermore, if you have negative shares about you, you should make a complaint to the platform and ensure that it is removed.

Check the privacy of your Twitter account

You need to check the privacy settings of your account and set them to satisfy you. Thus, your most intimate thoughts cannot be examined by those you are not sincere.

Make your Facebook profile unavailable

If you do not want to be found when you call, you must make the necessary adjustments without delay. It is a valid proposal for all your social media accounts. You can choose who can find you because your name and surname are searched. So, you have control.

Check your privacy settings

If you save your accounts’ privacy settings by selecting the appropriate option, you can only see/comment on my friends and set options, so you don’t completely isolate yourself from social media.

Never give false information

The accuracy of the information to be given should not be suspected. The fact that the information you have given on social media is wrong may cause you to suffer material and spiritual losses.

Pay much attention to blogs and pages you comment on social media

The comments you have written on online platforms, such as blogs/pages, may be linked to you. The comments you make on these channels are very important. Do you have behaviors that are in accordance with the general code of ethics, what is your political opinion, social media, even though you are in opposition, do you respect someone else? You can have an opinion about the shares you have made on many issues.

Make sure that the photo you use in your social media accounts reflects you. Do not use over-retouched photos

Self-confidence is high, with people who are at peace with everyone wants to work. You may not be using your own photo in your profile or sharing it. This behavior may have a negative impression on people who review your profile. Do not exaggerate even if you have to do the finishing touches, taking care to use your own photographs.

Keep in mind that your social media posts reflect you and make a first impression in your mind

We don’t need to tell you that these platforms are your personal showcase. Be sure to use this instrument correctly and effectively, no matter what level of position it is. Please note that HR managers use it to make the right decision.

If you consider our suggestions above, you can direct the face of your personal brand in social media. In this way, you can terminate the prejudices that may occur about you.


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