Simple and Creative Ways to Earn Additional Income

Simple and Creative Ways to Earn Additional Income

The urge to make money never disappears. There is something that adorns your dreams. Consumption craze is a disease that can spread to everyone. If the cure for this disease is to consume, you need money.

Below we’ve explored a few additional income methods that can meet your needs. It is your decision to apply one or more of these methods. This means that you can earn a little extra income and provide a short-term medication for your consumption sickness.

  1. Recycle or buy unused phones

Recycle or buy unused phones

Now the use of smartphones has increased. People are trying to get new phones before they get older. In fact, there is no limit to what you can do to get a top model. Let’s see how you can turn this into money. It works well in your home, but it is not difficult to guess that it is from old type phones. You can also collect these phones from your acquaintances and give them to a recycling company. Old phones can be recycled and contribute to the protection of nature. You can also earn 35-40 dollars per phone from these recycling companies. You can also try your hand at the websites where used goods are sold. Never forget that every product becomes a buyer.

  1. Perform a music evaluation

Perform a music evaluation

You can listen to music and have a good time, and you can earn additional income around $ 50-60. In other words, it is possible to earn money by listening to the music of the groups who have not released the album. For example, you can try this suggestion by listening to a few songs daily on the site Slicethepie. At worst, you’ll hear a few songs. There’s no harm in trying.

  1. Buy unused clothing

Buy unused clothing

There are many clothes that you don’t use. Especially ladies can make a lot of money. You can earn doing additional income by selling clothes that you no longer plan to wear. You can also create a large space in your wardrobe. This way, you will be able to deliver brand products at affordable prices to people in need.

  1. Test the website

Test the website

Some sites use the comments of visitors to make the inspection and research work cheaper. This minimizes the time to detect errors. The same is true if you find errors on our website. You can earn 1 cent for each spelling error. You need to find at least 1000 typos to receive payment.

  1. Accompany someone

Accompany someone
Rent a Friend is a completely legal site based in the USA. Through this site, for example, coffee, beer, drink, go to the cinema, you can find friends together for sightseeing. This means that you can both accompany someone and participate in VIP events and earn between $ 10 and $ 50.

If you are a friendly person, you can try this site. It is said that some people even earn $ 50,000 a year from this site. In order to become a member of the site, you enter your personality and resume on the site, and according to the rate of agreement, someone sends you an invitation.

  1. Take the Twit

Take the Twit

If your number of followers is relatively high, you can earn additional income by throwing promotions of some people and companies. A newly opened café can offer you $ 100 for 3 twits. Of course, the number of followers, popularity, such as the opening date of your account, things will determine the fee.

  1. Get jobs from sites like Fiverr

Get jobs from sites like Fiverr

Five bucks for a job you got at Fiverr. The system is very simple. Graphic design, vocalization, animation, translation, article writing, if you have a lot of information about the site, you become a member. For example, a person who writes a doctoral dissertation wants to translate a 500-word essay that he should use in his dissertation. Thanks to your translation knowledge, you can communicate with this person and translate these 500 words from English into your native language and earn 10 dollars in return. It is a system where you earn as much as you work and earn revenue per piece.

  1. Teach online

Teach online

Especially if you are knowledgeable about a particular subject and you understand video works you can lecture on the internet. You don’t have to have any previous teaching experience. Your earnings may also vary depending on the popularity of the courses you teach.

  1. Handmade products buy

Handmade products buy

Did you find a retro dress or necklace in your grandmother’s house? You can sell such handmade products and antique things through Etsy or similar sites. It takes less than 30 minutes to open a shop in Etsy and start selling. The price of placing a product advertisement is only 20 cents. Moreover, this announcement is active for 4 months. When you sell, Etsy receives 3.5% commission from you. You can earn beautiful coins from handmade products you never thought possible.

  1. You can be a hidden customer

You can be a hidden customer

Mystery Shopping is a term used in market research. In short, people who visit stores like a customer and report the quality understanding in the store and the style of sales representatives are called confidential customers. As a secret customer, you can only earn money if you visit the store and collect information about the issues requested from you.



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