Shy and Stress in Talking English

Shy and Stress in Talking English
Shy and Stress in Talking English

Why am I so ashamed and nervous when I speak English? In fact, there can be many reasons and this is a very common problem.

Let’s talk about an English question directed at you or the most common reasons for the shame, boredom and tension that you feel when you attempt to speak English.

This is often the result of learning English in schools. The problem with the schools is that they’re scaring you to make mistakes. They give you a homework. When they catch a mistake on this assignment, they immediately add a negative score and you make this situation a fear in your unconscious. You’re starting to think this is a bad thing.

Also, when some teachers ask you a question in the whole class, if you make a mistake while answering the question, they will correct you right away so that you are not doing it wrong. You’ll be shocked and shy and embarrassed to live it in front of the whole class.

However, English learning methods in schools are boring and stressful. In time, you will try to learn English through this method. You will identify these negative feelings with English when you experience these boring, stressful and nervous situations for days, months and years.

Thus, even years later, when you try to use English, the same negative emotions come to you immediately. This is a very common problem. Then the next question will be how to change those feelings. These feelings cause many problems. It will cause too much damage to your English speaking.

To get rid of these emotions, we teach you to speak in a strong and high tone and to answer questions. There are many exercises available on the Internet. You can record your own voice while reading and answering these questions. After the recording is completed, listen to your own voice and try to answer the question quickly. This technique will enable you to experience shyness and tension. It will also inform you about the stage of your pronunciation.

You should also learn to physically use your body. So, you should practice your English in a strong and determined way. You should give strong and clear answers to the questions. Why do you have to do this, the trick is, what is the reason? The reason for this is to break your shyness. To get rid of tension and stress. Even if it is a word, when you use a strong body and a decisive tone to answer English questions, you train your brain. You’ve trained your feelings and feelings to be strong and determined when you hear English and use it.

Yes, it will take some time. You may not be able to do this on your first attempt, and you can’t change everything completely. But when you practice English with a strong stance and a resolute tone over and over again, you train yourself to be strong when you hear English and use it.


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