Secrets of Popularity at Work

Do you want to attract attention at work and impress others around you?
Do you want to attract attention at work and impress others around you?

To be a social and loved one in the office, to create a good network is just as important in our business relations as in social life. The people we see at work every day, talk by phone, send and receive e-mails are creating this network.

How can we be someone who is loved, effective and able to connect while building this network?

People in the workplace are part of our social network. Sympathetic, antipathic, beautiful, ugly, indecisive, prejudiced, despotic, emotional… No matter which of them, these people are important parts of your social network and at the end of the day they are the people you can define by saying “environment“.

These relations we have established at the workplace both reflect on the quality of our work and lead us to be an effective employee and lead to the development of our leadership skills.

People with effective networks are more charismatic and who are involved in quality projects throughout their careers, who fold their successes day by day, earn more than their colleagues financially, and above all often become more popular.

According to Michelle Tillis Lederman’s famous book “The 11 Laws of Likability”, we need to see networking as a work of connecting with others. It is very important to communicate with our colleagues in a variety of settings in the workplace, and to create a bond without focusing too much on what we can (or can) do.

Leaderman stresses the importance of trying to look at and sympathize with people rather than false smiles.

What can we do to increase your appreciation in our workplace?

Shaking head to confirm:
Junichiro Kawahara of the University of Hokkaido and Takayuki Osugi of Yamagata University, according to the study, if you approve a person listening to him head, stand still or 40 percent more than to approve of your head to approve movement.

Being like yourself:
When you look trustworthy and when you’re like yourself, you’re much more (like), because they easily recognize people (fake smiles) and attitudes. But nothing is replaced by a sincere smile.

Discover common features:
Ben Decker, a very important consultant in the field of communication, emphasizes the importance of thinking about our goals and objectives that are shared with the other person. A common goal is to increase our appreciation.


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