Secrets of Being an Unforgettable Manager

Secrets of Being an Unforgettable Manager
Secrets of Being an Unforgettable Manager

Google has been at the top of Forbes’s “top 100 companies for employees” list for a long time. According to many people, the biggest reason for this is material conditions, side-rights, and that terrific working environment that is often talked about.

But that’s not the truth. Google is aware that the real impact is not the workplaces and conditions, but rather its managers.

What are the Features of a Good Manager?

Google Analytics team started by researching the features that make Google executives indispensable. These managers are not only high performers, but also high marks from employees reporting to them. We’re talking about the kind of talented and loved people everyone wants to work with.

Second, Google has designed a training for managers how to internalize these features. When the managers complete the training, they can measure whether they are managers who are developing, and they can really see that their managers are the kind of managers that employees will appreciate.

That’s how Google creates “memorable” managers. They are so good managers that they are not forgotten. And why do they do that? Laszlo Bock, director of Google’s human operations, summarizes this: “Our best managers are the ones who perform best, who are happy, who manage the teams that are in the best position on all matters.”

Of course, The Secret of being a great manager is not only hidden in Google education.

They are passionate

It is unthinkable that an unforgettable manager doesn’t like their work. Their faith in what they want to achieve is endless, they work passionately, and they have fun doing it. That’s why everyone wants to travel with them.

They are altruistic

When there is a storm, there are managers who guarantee themselves and leave their employees in the middle of the storm. Unforgettable managers, by doing the opposite, lead them, teach them how to deal with the storm, and guide them. Even if they know that the storm will devour themselves, they do not abandon the people they manage.

Recognize team members well

Analyze the pros and cons of members in the best possible way to get maximum benefit from each employee. They know the features of the team members very well. They think that there is a separate ore in each of them and they plan accordingly. They try to get the best result by using each stone feature as they play chess. These features of unforgettable managers enable members of their teams to feel valued and allow them to keep their motivation at the highest level.


They don’t lie, they don’t make unnecessary promises. They’re not complicated, they don’t live in stress because they have to open their cards. They don’t hesitate to share their knowledge and experience. They often make empathy because they care what others feel. They know how to share. They always prefer to be natural.

They are like a refuge in an emergency times.

They’re always in control, even if things go wrong. In times of crisis, they gather people around themselves and provide security. They teach them that they can leave this difficult situation only if they remain calm. Employees who can do this always remember what they can accomplish when they stay calm for the rest of their lives.

They know there’s a human element in it

They know very well that the first condition of managing people is to have a good relationship with them. They establish an intimate relationship with their employees and show how they can overcome problems. When they do this, they adjust the level and control their emotions.

They get great results with excellent teamwork

They share the fruits of success with the people they work with. They show a great example of humility and do not hide their mistakes. Integrates with employees to create an incredible power. It uses this energy to reach the goals of the group.


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