Responses of The Candidates Who Are Rejected for Job Applications

Responses of The Candidates Who Are Rejected for Job Applications
Responses of The Candidates Who Are Rejected for Job Applications

The rejection of a job application can be difficult to overcome. It is more difficult if the same situation has occurred several times in a row. Everyone’s way of dealing with the situation is different. There are candidates who react differently. There are those who are very upset about being rejected, or who are quietly welcomed and continue to look for work. Rejected in many parts of the world are similar reactions to job applications. However, the right job application is important, but it is also important after the application.

It is very difficult for someone who has been looking for a job for a long time to approach the rejected job application with maturity and positivity. In addition to career plans, of course, the search for jobs for economic reasons is very critical for everyone. Therefore, as soon as we hear the decision of rejection, there are many candidates who want to convey their response to the company immediately. Some candidates write response emails to the company and express their frustrations, while others prefer more different forms of expression.

Here are some interesting responses to the rejected job application:

I refuse to refuse my job application!

In this group, there are candidates who have learned and rejected the job application by mail. Most of the candidates respond to the employer with a long mail and refuse to be rejected. I’m fit for this, you’ve lost a lot without taking me! The language of the mail is also highly responsive. In this group there are not generally accepted in different positions in a row. These candidates have been unemployed for a long time and are tired of this situation.

I’m so sorry you didn’t pick me up, but

In this group, there are still candidates who respond by mail. The language of the mail is calm, emotional and persuasive. The employee is sending a detailed mail to the employer as follows. (I’m very sorry that you haven’t taken me, but the talents I have are ideal for you. I also have many of my projects.) The goal is to push the possibility of changing the employer’s decision in a more persuasive way and give him a last reminder.

The Lion ate the lamb

There are storytellers in this group. They generally give their reactions in a more literary way and through metaphors. They stand on their grievances and criticize the employer’s wrong decision. This kind of mails, which are often accompanied by the story of a long story, are mostly used in a more networked language.

Passive aggressive

In this group, there are candidates who want to express their frustrations but who cannot take the risk of missing a different job opportunity that may occur in the same company. These candidates want to give this message in a respectful manner. I’m sorry you didn’t take me, I hope we can get back together.

Try again, try again!

Unemployed, especially if the process is too difficult. But never try to stop trying. Of course, a job that will make you feel happy while doing your job is waiting for you. Don’t give up, keep trying.



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