Pomodoro Technique (Technique to Work More Efficiently)

Pomodoro Technique (Technique to Work More Efficiently)
Pomodoro Technique (Technique to Work More Efficiently)

The reasons for using the Pomodoro technique can be summarized as follows:

  • Are you having trouble focusing while studying?
  • Do you have a concentration problem at work?
  • Do you always postpone your work because you’re inefficient at home?

Then you haven’t met the pomodoro technique yet. By applying this technique, you can work much more efficiently and increase your work performance in a short time.

Let’s start by explaining the meaning and content of words

Pomodoro means tomato in Italian. The technical name comes from the kitchen timer in the form of a tomato. This study technique was first included in a book by the software expert Francesco Cirillo (The Pomodoro Technique). The aim of the technique is to work more efficiently by facilitating focusing and getting more work done in a short time.

How to Apply Pomodoro Technique?

The Pomodoro technique is extremely easy to implement. To do this, you only need a simple timer (phone enough), a paper and a pen. First of all, you’re writing on a sheet of paper the day you need to do the work (lesson, office work or housework) in order of priority. You then note the predictions of how long it will take for each job. In this technique, 1 pomodoro corresponds to 25 minutes.

For example, let’s say 6 Pomodoro (150 Min) for the Total Duration of Jobs in Your List

Pomodoro = P

In order of priority, you set the clock to 25 minutes (1P) and start working before you start your first job. For 25 minutes, you’re just focusing on the list. You shouldn’t stand up, you shouldn’t be interesting any other business. If you break up, you’re gonna start 25 minutes again.When 25 minutes are over (the clock will alert you), you take a 5-minute break. Do not allow the program to block the program (such as no need to take a break). In this way, you should give a long break after completing 4 P (100min). You have to get away from your job for 15-20 minutes. After the break,you have to go back to the 25-minute work pace.

Yes, the essence of the technique lies in the way it works. Let’s say you’re done with what you’ve got to do, but the six-minute period for that day isn’t over. In this case, you should try to complete the time through what you have done so far. If it is the opposite, that is, if you are not finished, you have to leave the job if the 6 P ─či time is over. If you are trying to train an emergency, it may not be possible, but if there is no urgency, you should quit your job and rest.

The implementation of the technique is as easy as you can see. If you’ve had less than 25 minutes, you can do it for 30 or 40 minutes and take a 10-minute break. Experts, with breaks of 8-16 P daily (4-8 hours) is ideal, he says.

What Will Pomodoro Technique Give You?

The technique has very important outputs. Implementing Pomodoro for 20 days makes it easy to work efficiently. Since work and break time are clearly separated from each other, there is no stopover at work and work is not considered at work. The motivation for starting work increases, and the likelihood of being productive is reduced. According to the technique, it is clear that the person who sees how long his work lasts increases his time management skills. Managing time is strengthening awareness.

To work faster and more efficiently in the office, at home or in school, and to increase your productivity day by day, how about applying this technique immediately?


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