Other Behavioral Assessment Interview Questions

Other Behavioral Assessment Interview Questions
Other Behavioral Assessment Interview Questions

What Are the Other Behavioral Assessment Interview Questions?

  • Have you convinced another person in the last six months of your own opinion?
  • When was the last time you convinced your governor on a subject that he was not very keen on?
  • How often do you have to persuade them to adapt to a new approach to their work?
  • What kinds of approaches do you find more successful to ensure that others think in the same direction as you? Your examples.
  • How do you plan your time and determine your priorities? Your examples.
  • Is there a really effective plan that you have developed and implemented in the last six months?
  • Specify a situation where you have to change all your plans.
  • Would you ever put yourself in the place of a customer who is benefiting from your service or product? Your examples.
  • Could you tell us about a situation where you or your teammates are not satisfied with the service or product?
  • What methods do you use to measure the quality of the service you offer?
  • How do you learn the thoughts of people who benefit from your service? Your examples.
  • Is there a project you started in the last six months? Your examples.
  • What are the professional decisions you made in the last six months?
  • Is there a decision you’ve recently made wrong?
  • What is the best strategic decision your organization received in the last year?
  • Which means do you receive and use the data about the performance of your team, department or organization?
  • Over the last six months, have you encountered a negative situation, such as rejection by the customer, the increase in your workload, and how did you deal with it?
  • Can you describe a situation where you feel under pressure? How do you deal with stress in your work? Describe with a specific example.
  • Is there a situation in your business life that you cannot control your nerves?
  • Which of the positions you are currently working on is most stressful?
  • Did you work as a team member in any project during the last six months? Your examples.
  • Have you ever been removed from the team you work with?
  • Was there a time when you preferred not to participate in a team work?
  • Did you have to take part in a study where you think your teammates you work with don’t have enough skills or wishes?
  • What is the biggest obstacle in your current job? Please explain.
  • Have you ever had an extremely persistent time to achieve your goal in your business?
  • How does the group you work with contribute to the overall goal of the organization? Please explain.
  • How do you understand that each of your teammates you work with knows exactly what their roles and responsibilities are and their roles?
  • Have you contributed to the performance of your colleagues during the past six months by analyzing financial or statistical data? Please explain.
  • Do you like to analyze the statistical data? How often do you analyze statistical or numerical data in your current job?
  • In your current position, during the last six-month period, you had to think very quickly without knowing all the details and facts; Explain what happened in the result?
  • How often do you have to make a quick decision in your business life?
  • Example of a decision taken under time pressure?
  • What procedures or techniques have you developed in your current job to follow the details in the last six months?
  • Example of a situation where you succeed in dealing with any business, while others cannot be successful?
  • We all get bored of the details of our work from time to time. Have you encountered this type of situation and how did you overcome it? Your examples.
  • During your last six-month period, did you have a professional target to give you more than expected? Your examples.
  • How do you determine your goals and goals?
  • What makes you achieve your business goals (What kind of personal satisfaction supports you in achieving your goal at work?)
  • Would you indicate a situation that you have not been able to achieve, although you have targeted it?
  • Explain how you influence your business environment and encourage you to work?
  • Have you had any time in your business life when you felt you didn’t get the support you needed and needed?
  • In your last six-month period, have you arranged your own approach to manage the person?
  • What kind of people do you find most difficult to work with? Illustrate how you deal with these situations
  • Do you have a speech or presentation to a large or important audience during the last period?
  • When did you prefer to make a presentation instead of writing?
  • Have you ever experienced a situation where it is more effective not only to speak but to listen to the other side?
  • Do you have questions before the meeting?
  • Describe a situation in which you are currently working in the most effective way during the last six months.
  • How convenient is the job you are currently working to produce something new?
  • Is your work open to innovation? Your examples.
  • What do you do in your current position, as opposed to your colleague in this position?


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