Non-License Programs – 1

Non-License Programs - 1
Non-License Programs - 1

Nowadays, whatever your business is, there is definitely a computer or a technological device in your workplace. If you do not respect the license rights of the software you will use on your computers, you may face serious problems. You must be the legal owner of the software you will use in your business. Another way is to turn to open source software. So what is this open source license? GNU Free Documentation License. The purpose of this license is to ensure that a user has a manual, a textbook or other functional and useful document. Thus, everyone has the right to use it effectively, commercially or non-commercially, by altering or as is. It is also the right to use, in the sense of freedom to receive programs and redistribute them. This license also allows the author and publisher to gain respect for their work.

Programs that do not require licenses and their equivalents are as follows.

3D Graphics

You have a job with graphic design and you need a program to implement your skills. You can create your designs in computer environment by using the following programs.

  1. 3Delight Free
  2. Anim8or
  3. Blender
  4. Now3D
  5. OpenFX
  6. POV-Ray
  7. Terragen
  8. Toxic
  9. Wings 3D

Anti-spam programs

Institutional companies use these programs to prevent mail traffic interruption. Enhanced filters make it easy to get rid of spam mails. You can use the following open source Anti-Spam programs for free.

  1. K9
  2. MailWasher
  3. A popfil
  4. SpamBayes
  5. SpamPal


Below is a list of open source programs that protect the user against spyware. They can also help you decide which programs to delete.

  1. Ad-aware
  2. Bazooka
  3. Hijackthis
  4. Microsoft Defender (Beta 2)
  5. SpyBot Search & Destroy
  6. Spywareblaster
  7. WinPatrol


With the increase of computer users in recent years, the number of malicious software has increased. These malicious software usually collects people’s personal information. The creators of these software are trying to gain financial benefit by using the information they steal. Recently, we have started to see the news that the company’s computers have been infected and the data has been confiscated. Anti-Viruses can be used to avoid being trapped by these malicious people who demand ransom. File extensions that are considered as viruses can be detected by Anti-Viruses. We share a few open source free of charge programs below.

  1. AntiVir
  2. Avast
  3. AVG
  4. BitDefender
  5. clamwin
  6. Cyberhawk

Audio Players

As the name suggests, these programs are used to play audio. If your business has a file that you need to listen to, the program in the operating system you are using may not be enough to listen to them. Below are examples of free open source files that you can open and listen to without having any licensing issues.

  1. Billy
  2. CoolPlayer
  3. Is DeliPlayer
  4. Foobar 2000
  5. iTunes
  6. Jet Audio Basic
  7. Media Monkey
  8. Musik
  9. musikCube
  10. QCD Player
  11. sonique
  12. Winamp
  13. xmplay
  14. Zinf

Audio Tools

You can create your own audio file and share it on various platforms. It is also possible to listen to music created by audio tool artists free of charge with these programs. We’ve researched some of these programs for you.

  1. Audacity
  2. AudioShell
  3. CDex
  4. dBpowerAMP Music Converter
  5. EAC
  6. Encounter 2003
  7. K-MP3
  8. kramix
  9. MP3 Book Helper
  10. MP3 Tag
  11. mP3DirectCut
  12. MP3Gain
  13. I mp3t
  14. MusicBrainz
  15. Rarewares
  16. SoundEngine Free
  17. TagScanner
  18. The GodFather
  19. TigoTago

CD / DVD Burning

Every computer user has certainly felt the need to upload a data to a portable CD or DVD. There are many programs that you can do without a license problem. Below are some of them.

  1. Amazing CD & DVD Burner
  2. Burn4Free
  3. Burnatonce /
  4. Burrrn
  5. CDBurnerXP
  7. CDR Tools Frontend
  8. deepburner
  9. DVD Decrypter:
  10. Easy Burning, DropCD & Audio CD

Checksum Utilities

Types of software aimed at protecting against malicious software. These programs enable you to create security barriers such as encryption, digital signature and authentication.

  1. My FS
  2. HkSFV
  3. md5sum
  4. MD5Summer

Compression / Decompression

As you can understand from the name of archiving and compression programs, you can compress and archive your data using these programs. The proliferation of data, a consequence of digital dependence, has made usable areas in storage areas more valuable. These programs enable you to manage the archiving job you need more easily.

  1. 7-zip
  2. bzip2
  3. ExtractNow
  4. FilZip
  5. Info-Zip
  6. IZarc
  7. QuickZip
  8. TUGZip
  9. UPX
  10. WinRAR
  11. WinZip
  12. Zip & Go
  13. ZipGenius

Defrag Software

By defragmenting your drive with Defrag, you can achieve higher efficiency from your hard drive. It also offers automatic assembly. Automatic defragmentation automatically defragments the file system when the computer is idle. Helps your computer deliver the highest speed and best performance, avoiding excessive fragmentation.

  1. DIRMS & Buzzsaw
  2. OpenVMS
  3. IObit Smart Defrag

Desktop Enhancements

Allows you to customize your desktop environments. Use the Windows Start menu, your file manager, keyboard shortcuts, menus, folders, and so on. properties. This will personalize the operating system of your computer.

  1. Avedesk
  2. Blackbox
  3. CursorXP
  4. Desktop Sidebar
  5. Glass2k
  6. Kapsules
  7. mobydockh
  8. Panorama
  9. Rainlendar
  10. Samurize
  11. SlickRun
  12. TaskSwitchXP
  13. tclock2
  14. Weather Watcher
  15. Widgets
  16. WinRoll

Download managers

If you are an internet user and occasionally downloading files, we strongly recommend you to use one of these programs. Because, the download features of the browsers on computers are really slow. However, with the programs listed below, you can download files faster as your internet network allows.

  1. Download Accelerator Manager (DAM)
  2. FlashGot
  3. Free Download Manager
  4. leechget
  5. Star Downloader
  6. Sun Download Manager
  7. wackget /
  8. wget
  9. WellGet

DVD Players

If your data is on a DVD, you need programs to play it in a healthy way. You may need to import movies, music, or any special file from a portable DVD to your computer. You can also turn on the portable device on your computer and use the files. The following open source programs will do the trick.

  1. Artisan DVD / DivX Player
  2. DivX
  3. Zoom Player

DVD Rippers

These programs allow you to compress DVD or Blu-ray movie into a file. It converts your files into a classic ISO file. This allows you to archive your programs. You can watch movies on your phone and computer.

  1. DVD Decrypter
  2. Shrink DVD


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