Negative Feedback From Job Applications

Negative Feedback From Job Applications
Negative Feedback From Job Applications

There is of course a job in your dream

You are happy, full-bodied, private health insurance, you can choose your car model, flexible working hours, plenty of gifts with plenty of prizes. The list may be even longer, but if you encounter a business opportunity that has some of the imagination, consider the opportunity. The candidates are more preferred because they do not seem to work for a long time in their CV. The job application states the common characteristics of the candidates who are evaluated negatively and makes recommendations to the candidates who are looking for work.

Every day, I get mail from desperately job seekers. Lots of people are looking for a job, seeing it as a business, with a rather lengthy length, and with seriousness. In the past (Job search is also a job. If you work well you will find a job) We were saying, now I do not know what to say. Because thousands of new graduates are added every year to both the political and economic situations and the cumulative growing army of unemployed.

While employment should increase, there is news of shrinking from another big brand / holding every day. If hope is the bread of the unemployed, I hope they can continue their search without losing hope. What is needed for this hope is that if the applicants are not in vain, that the people at the other end of the career sites are really flesh-bone people, that the CVs have been examined, the interview with the appropriate candidates, and the recruitment without the torpedo morpil.

And, dear candidates who are in search of work, I know you are tired, I know your hope is broken, I know you have dreams but you don’t know if you can reach them; Nevertheless a little more diligently, what happens every day do not stop doing anything different from the previous day! You can’t just walk in the same door the same way. Either you will play a different door every day or you will play the same door in different ways. Because there are thousands of people like you playing every one of those doors every day. For this reason, it is indispensable to know creativity + stability + self in the search for work.

What is the cause of the negative return?

When I look at the common characteristics of the applicants who are evaluated negatively, I will share a few points that I have seen when you have stolen those doors:

Make sure that your previous experience in your CV is written in detail. Sloppy CV business looses! Let the other party know exactly what task you are working with and what you have accomplished.

Take a moment to look for the perfect job. I used to design a shoe in my mind; color, model, heel style. I’d be out walking around for hours trying to find that shoe. Result: I couldn’t find it! Then I decided to do something more sensible, I saw in stores, in the style I needed, not bad and wearing shoes when I started to get comfortable. So I don’t get any shoes anymore. If I see the unique shoe that I designed in my mind by chance, I get extra happy. I think it’s kind of like looking for a job.

Set your priority. In your dream of course you have a job, you will be happy; friends, manager, team, you will love, fully salary, private health insurance, gym, your home 15 minutes away, you can choose your car model, unlimited flowing fuel, high-limit food card, flexible working hours, remote working model, plenty of gifts with plenty of premium. The list grows longer, doesn’t imagine that I will sit until the morning to force the limits of my imagination. And then in the morning, I wake up to the real world. What I’m trying to say is, if you encounter a business opportunity that has a part of what you imagine. Identify your core values, and tailor your search for the most important and business. In the future, you may come across an opportunity that meets all your dreams, if your current priority is to find a job. Candidates are more likely to be employed than those who seem to be working for a long time. So, to be a (approved) candidate. In most career sites, one of the options is marked when the CVs are filtered (running / not working) on ​​the employer side. If it is a very urgent position and it cannot be wasted by waiting for the candidate’s notice period, then the candidates who are (not working) can be preferred. Therefore, if you have a freelance or part-time job, you can write it as your current work experience.

Rank losses in the CV may draw attention. When working as a director in a workplace chronologically, working as an Assistant at the next workplace can be perceived as negative. Of course, there may be differences between being a small fish in a small sea and being a small fish in a large sea. The Manager of a SME can enter a lower and lower position into a leading and crowded firm, but there is a limit. There is a difference between going to the bottom of the sea and a lower position. If you have such a situation in your CV, try to explain it in the job description with a short note or in the front page.

Do not be a candidate for what makes the job though. It may sound confusing to be someone who can do any job, but it can be confusing for the person examining the CV. For example, if someone who has applied for the announcement of Human Resources Specialist had previously worked as Human Resources Assistant, Customer Relations Specialist, Social Media Manager and Marketing Assistant, a candidate with full CV Human Resources experience may be preferred. Your CV may have traces of confusion in the past, especially the different areas that have been tried when you are a new graduate and do not know what you want. In this case, I suggest you reorganize the CV according to the ad. In which field you are applying, even if your department is different in your past work, what are the common competencies with the position you are applying, think about them and take care to polish those parts. For example, if you are referring to the Marketing department and have had experience in the Sales department, give priority to your job description, if you have done the work that meets the necessary skills in the ad.

In summary, instead of waiting for the same door to play and wait for the door to open, I would like to make a difference and find ways to get ahead of your opponents.


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