MBA Decisions and School Choice

MBA Decisions and School Choice
Give your decision right in the MBA selection. Because it's a non-irreversible choice for you

Why Study at the MBA, Where This Should You Study?

I do not think there will be a debate about whether MBA education is a useful education for every sector and every profession. MBA education is really an open-minded experience that enables people from every sector and every profession to understand what the purpose of an operator is, what needs to be done to achieve that goal, and how to build things better.

MBA Decision

I am aware of a somewhat radical view, but if you ask me, no matter where your education is taken, everyone with a university degree and who has the opportunity should study MBA !

It is very important that the MBA decision is taken by the right person, at the right time and in the right place, in order to obtain maximum efficiency from the MBA experience and to obtain maximum benefit. A bad decision to make an MBA decision without all these conditions, a decision that will still be useful in the middle and long term, but it will not benefit in the short term … Considering the huge cost of an MBA program abroad, who, when and where questions are gaining a special importance …

Let’s start by identifying some painful facts of life first …

The days when the MBA gives advantage in business life were left behind with the end of the 90’s. Looking good, the days when you do not get an MBA cause business disadvantage will never be left behind. The MBA is still a good investment!

The number of MBA students abroad increases day by day, so the value of doing it is decreasing day by day. Going training to 50,000 students abroad each year from USA. Of these, 20,000 are not a definite figure for higher education, and most of them prefer abroad for the MBA. To give a concrete example, there were 6 Americans, including myself, at San Diego State University where I did my MBA, in my class. There were 5 Americans in the previous MBA class (entered in January 2001) from us (in August 2001 entries). In the elective Management Information Systems course, there were 11 Americans and 12 American in the class. In summary, competition is increasing even abroad, which is more difficult and costly to navigate. The risk of overseas MBA investment is growing, the profit is relatively decreasing. If you look at the good, you do business abroad, Therefore, the number of American companies looking for foreign experience is increasing day by day. If you raise yourself well, there is still opportunity!

The number of schools that open MBA programs in the country, the quality of MBA programs opened in the country, the number of those who participate in the MBA program in the country, and therefore the local competition is increasing day by day. Only this semester has received a 412 MBA (and degree) student from Washington University, which is the 2nd best in the Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East, the 132th business school in the world and the AACSB accredited. Competition is tough … If you look at the good, in this MBA school, in the abundance of candidates and graduates, good schools, good students are better understood. Choose a good school, if you are a good student, there is still opportunity!

Now, how to choose good school, how to be a good student, so I mentioned above, who, when and where to come to the questions …

Let’s start with the question of who should not make an MBA in this division … The final decision, of course, with your belonging, I think Business Administration or similar department graduates should not be MBA.

Transfer specialization!

In today’s business life, you do not have to know things in every way, but you are expected to know everything in one subject. MBA candidates who take the basic courses of Business Administration during their undergraduate education will receive one of the MSc or MSBA programs that will take the courses again and will not shorten their time and cash loss but will shorten the duration of their graduate studies and reduce their costs and provide them the opportunity to specialize in the field there is a benefit in their choice. For example, an MBA candidate with a Business Management Degree who plans a career in Marketing is the most logical solution to join an MSc program on Marketing Management, instead of doing an MBA…

Who should do the MBA? Here again, we go back to the radical discussion: everyone who did not have a BS degree in Business Administration! In the hospital environment where the doctor, the nurse, the dietician work, the sports club environment in which the teacher, the psychologist, the accountant’s working environment, engineers, designers, programmers work in the factory environment, the coach, the statisticians, the nutritionist, people who know how to work, how to work and how to work, meet in a common pavilion and combine their understanding, perseverance and determination to make business more profitable, whether it is a public or private sector organization or a profit-oriented enterprise. If you ask me about your study, all of them are going through MBA training.

A question that is not so difficult to answer when asked. Most MBA programs already have a work experience requirement and the work experience condition of the program you apply to is often the right answer to the question.

Many of us, before I go to America for the MBA, include this group, I am frustrated when we see the work experience conditions of the MBA programs we want to apply, they just think that they are put in order to make our work difficult, to eliminate or block us, and often to make or exaggerate work experiences. We try to move around. As someone who has gone through these roads and has made WRONG decisions, I can say with heartfelt comfort that there are very valid reasons for putting in work experience conditions and it is really for the student to observe those conditions! Immediately I will sample …

Starting from a marketing or quality management course, working in an import or customs consultancy firm, working in a design office or factory, without knowing that you have designed the money for the employer or sold the product you have produced and paid you with the money you earned from that sale, from the Logistics or Supply Chain Management courses without having to wear your brush to the intermediate goods that you have been waiting for or to wait for your production to continue to be able to continue your production without compromising your boss and without fussing with your colleague who can not grow his / There is no possibility and possibility of getting 100% efficiency. As a matter of fact, the work experience for the MBA is really important!

Where we come to ask, things get a little confused; multiple factors are switching in. When choosing a school, what are your academic objectives, what your career goals are, what your professional preferences are, and whether your plans overlap with your budget.

For example, you can choose National University’s MBA program if you want to study both comfortably and comfortably while at the same time increasing your overseas experience, knowledge and attitude. But if your academic expectations are high, you should look at schools like NYU, Carnegie Mellon, UCLA, USC. You can evaluate whether the school you are considering is suitable for your academic goals, in the order of the general schools and on the schools’ own websites. There are many resources for general schools rankings; America the most popular in the special US News, Times Higher Education , Research Top Universities … If you’re just getting started, helpful resources that can guide you whether the idea …

Whatever your career goals are, it is gaining importance in the stage you choose to choose the school that will prepare you best for your business life and reach your goal as soon as possible. In order to choose a good MBA program, you should also look at the rankings of schools that are ambitious about MBA. When choosing schools or schools that match your academic goals, it’s no use for you to insist on going to that school if you have not even gotten into the list on the MBA in a place where you want to be in general order!

The number of resources you can find in the MBA is not small. The most popular institutions that rank the top MBA schools are: (again) US News, (again) Times Higher Education, Top MBA, Business Week, Forbes … It is also possible to duplicate these examples. You can easily find similar sequences in a simple search engine search yourself …

After you have dealt with the schools you think you are, and the MBA in particular, the most important thing to consider is which program is right for you. There are areas where MBA schools are strong because of their academic staff, their background knowledge, their past experience, even their geographical location, although they wish to be openly and clearly notified. Some schools see these areas as strong competitive advantages and build marketing strategies on these strengths. Some schools do not like to announce these areas where they are strong enough to attract students who are interested in the area they are strong in, and not to teach blank lines in other areas. For this reason, when choosing the right MBA program for you, you should study your course well and read the lines well. If I give a few examples,

If you are going to do your MBA on International Business or if you are a General MBA and work for an international company, you must apply to Brandeis University or Thunderbird School of Global Management. If you are planning an MBA with a Health Management focus, you should definitely take a look at UCSD’s MBA in Health Sciences program. If you are going banking during your MBA, you will not have to look at NYU.

If you are going to pursue an MBA / JD Joint Degree, the best place for this is Yale University … I can duplicate these examples, but I think you understand what I want to say. When selecting the right program for you, you should be aware that consulates, training attach├ęs, semi-official institutions and organizations that have been assigned with this assignment, websites of international education consultants, catalogs, magazines, schools’ own websites, prospectuses, program catalogs and brochures, You can take advantage of the educational consultant and invited school representatives who came to USA for the tour, organized by the organization. But when choosing the right program for you, do not forget to check whether the program has AACSB accreditation and whether you have a HEC qualification!

Probably the most important and most binding factor in MBA selection is your budget! Whether you want your budget to work at the school you want and whether you are eligible to participate in the program, it’s crucial that you make a healthy decision and choose the right program for you, at the same time as the three criteria I have listed above. The selection of the right programs or programs by evaluating all these factors simultaneously is, of course, a process that can be serious, difficult and stressful, requiring the outsider to get help. So, it’s a good idea to get support from an overseas educational advisor, or a relative who has passed away before, when making your MBA. I received support from an overseas educational advisor when I made my own choice; I would advise you to take action from my own experience.

Finally, I would like to share with you a few tips that will make your life and business easier during and after the MBA, if you are not as binding and decisive as you are above, academically and professionally, but still consider …

When choosing an MBA program, make sure that the school and its surroundings will contribute to your personal development as well as your academic and professional development, as it will provide you with social and cultural opportunities that you will not find in your country besides your education, life and knowledge. For example, if you are from Londra, be sure to consider that there is not much that Wyoming or Montana can cater to you.

If your goals overlap with your needs and opportunities, choose to do your MBA where you have both local and global diversity, job opportunities, extracurricular activities and even more leisure opportunities. The quality of the education the school offers and the job opportunities it offers are of course very important, but it is possible to learn while having fun,

For example, if you focus on Marketing Management, Disneyland, San Diego Zoo, Wild Animal Park … you can not go to USA without seeing if you get your degree here, reading better in USA. At least your money will stay in your pocket …

You should also consider whether your personal needs are appropriate for the school you choose. Will you be able to go from 15 million Newyork to 210,000 people in Rochester or 18,000 people in Troy? We are fond of night life; will you find the entertainment opportunities you are accustomed to where you go? Is there a sport you are doing serious and regularly; Will you be able to carry on where you go? Do you have a health problem that requires special equipment and regular check; if you can find a health facility with the equipment you need in the place you go? Do you have acquaintances in the city you will go to, or will you live without them? Do you have problems with loneliness, if you feel alone, will you be able to return home with a plane if you have to? It is possible to duplicate similar examples.

When choosing an MBA, spend all the time and effort to ask the right questions and answer them, do your research well, get advice from your past relatives and help from the pros if you think you need them. I am sure you will never regret taking an MBA when, where and how; however, you will receive the right MBA training in the right place at the right time, and you will have an MBA training that will bring you to your dreams, even beyond! I wish you success in your choice, I wish you success in your education.


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