Make Money as a Secret Customer

Make Money as a Secret Customer

If you’ve started reading our article, you have questions about this method of making money. What is Secret Customer? How does it work? What are their duties? How much do they make? Where are Secret Customer agencies? How do I become a Mystery Shopper? If you are looking for answers to questions like, you can continue reading our article.

Secret Customers are also known as “secret shoppers” or “scouts“.

What’s a secret shop?

Companies need to evaluate their products and services from an external perspective. For this reason, they work with ordinary but highly observable people. In this way, they develop customer relations in the most realistic way. Two out of three customers stop working with a business due to ill-treatment. You see, he’s running his own agents to get feedback on the goods and services they offer. These agents provide a detailed report on the details they have experienced.

Who works with Secret Customers?

Any business you can think of can employ personnel in this position. Any platform where the consumer demands goods and services can be business fields. Hotels, restaurants, transportation companies, hospitals, clothing stores and so on. Many different types of businesses are on this list. That is, it is a feedback method preferred by many large or small businesses. Because, only a customer can make the most accurate determinations about your employees and your business. As a result, the scenario only results in the customer reporting to you. Businesses prefer people who have a record in an agency’s database. Generally, these people have strong reporting and observation skills.

What are the duties of Secret Customers?

Secret Customer would prefer to say that food and beverage businesses prefer more. For example, the branches of famous restaurant chains are visited by these customers every month. As you can imagine, the benefit of the Mystery Shopper is the free meal. So, imagine that you are a Mystery Shopper and you went as a shopper to evaluate a restaurant. You should focus on what a customer pays attention to. Of course, these are the interest of the staff, the speed of the order, the taste of the food, the cleanliness of the workplace and so on. Your most important task is to report your details to your manager. This reporting is usually done electronically.

Where can I find Secret Customer agencies?

Businesses often work with people who have a record in an agent’s database. Agencies with a database can provide their information to businesses for a fee. Membership to such agencies can be free. On the contrary, there are also agencies that provide free services to businesses while charging their members. You can subscribe to such agencies for a fee. You can leave your registration to different agencies. So, you can continue to work with agencies where you get more efficiency.

You can contact the agencies that provide paid / free information and training about Mystery Customers. You will have colleagues who share their experiences on agencies’ websites. Their answers will be informative for you.

How much do Secret Customers earn?

In this type of business, different types of remuneration may occur. There are businesses that pay on an hourly basis. In addition, customers can pay according to the type of product provided. That is, if you are serving in a restaurant you may be offered a meal as a charge. In addition, the product offered by the company may be service. So, if you are assigned to a hotel, you can earn 1 day stay. These are, of course, the details set during the mutual agreement of the parties.

How do I become a Mystery Shopper?

It is not a difficult job and it can be considered as fun. For this reason, the number of competitors is not small at all. Remember that tens of thousands of people are registered in the sites’ databases. So, you can draw attention among these competitors. Here are a few suggestions.

  • Carefully fill out your service report after the assignment. This professionally prepared report will show you how seriously you approach your work.
  • Try to obtain certificates for this profession.
  • Don’t forget to leave your information to different sites.
  • Keep track of the comments on the forum sites related to Hidden Customers.



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