Main Cause of Failure: To Cling To Negative Emotions

Main Cause of Failure: To Cling To Negative Emotions
Main Cause of Failure: To Cling To Negative Emotions

We can connect the cause of our fatigue to many things. Your manager’s orders, a peer-facing colleague, our unending caller, our child’s non-flaming fire are some of these. They are, of course, effective, but what really kills us is our inner feelings beyond these external influences. To get rid of these negative emotions and to feel better ourselves as soon as possible, we are about ourselves or our relatives around us. However, instead of clinging to negative emotions, successful people continue to leave negative emotions.

The effect of emotion management on success

As we look at the attitudes of successful people, perhaps most of us think they are a different race. We think that we can only have a different race if we can’t reach enough. Successful people, of course, are not of the other race. They were able to learn how to manage their feelings and thoughts, and were able to transfer what they learned into life. This means that emotion management has a significant impact on success. Successful people, instead of holding negative emotions, release negative emotions and continue on their way.

What’s the point of us?

Most of us in intensive work tempo often do not realize how the day went by. Looks like it was evening. At the end of the day, we tend to create areas that will relieve our tiredness and relax ourselves. Drinking something with friends, connecting yourself to the TV, sticking to the front of the refrigerator.

To try to take control of ourselves, to force, not to express ourselves, our inner contradictions, main cause of fear of failure. In addition, we feel alone, our endless success in producing anxiety, and the fact that we cannot taste like life. Even though these emotions have not completely surfaced, we have a reason for fatigue and unhappiness. But even if we can’t give them a mana and define them, we want to get rid of them in a weird way. We narrow the world to ourselves or those around us to get rid of negative emotions, feel better and reduce the pressure on us.

The solution to do this is not

Your feelings are repressing, repressing. In time, your unconscious fluctuates into a balloon of negative energy like a balloon, takes over your life, tears you in and prevents you from moving forward. As you try to get out of trouble, these feelings stick to your collar.

Moreover, we want to get rid of this, and we feed on the conditions that force us, we hold on to them. There is a benefit in the bottom note of the holding. What good can I do with what I didn’t like? Do not call. The good news is that negative emotions can be transformed, and the emotions you hold can be free.

Research shows that the community is composed of 64 percent mediocre. It is a group that does not invest much in itself and saves the day. Neither successful nor able to say successful. There are a few basic steps that will make you the motivation you need to be in this group and make your dreams come true and transform your negative feelings

Enter into your sense of living

At that moment What do I feel? Find the answer without escaping to the question. If you’re feeling jealous, see your jealousy. Rate of. What do you give to 10 of your jealousy?

Accept your view

Acceptance and acceptance is an issue to be studied on its own. Especially the ones who have high resistance are resistant to understanding. To accept, in the necessity, even if reluctant to do feature. There is some kind of inner struggle, war and resistance. Accepting, seeing, weighing, communicating requires a conscious choice.

That is, accepting the presence of your senses is a conscious choice. After this stage, the negative feeling begins to complete its task and starts to fade like a balloon.

Contact warmly

How do we talk? That’s exactly what we mean. For example, I am concerned, I see you, I realize, I accept your existence. Your presence has made me look negative, and that’s what I learned. Thank you. But I’m releasing you. By defining the other emotion that is positive to that feeling, I reveal my sense of confidence and I prefer to use it actively. When you say this sentence, the energy of the worry within you will be nearly reduced. The sense of trust will replace the concern. You will see the experiment.

Is it that easy?

Yeah. On the other hand, we should say. Although you can follow these steps again after a while, your negative feelings may prevail. If they cause recurrent events, they are sharp knives in the subconscious. It is also possible to convert them, but they need to make a more specific study towards them. You should also follow these steps until the time of your studies. Because you have a negative feeling and a positive feeling.


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