List of Applications That Make Business Life Easier

List of Applications That Make Business Life Easier
List of Applications That Make Business Life Easier

It is difficult to carry out both individual and office work together in the running of daily life. To make our days more efficient, it is difficult to follow the plans of most of us. We have compiled applications for you to facilitate our work in business life.

Sometimes the 24-hour period is not enough in our work intensity during the day. Our daily work, business life and the intensity of the city are passing days. Technology, as is the case in all matters, is coming to our rescue. The applications we download to our phones, we can spend hours in a day to get things done in a very short time can help. Here are applications that will help you in the running of everyday life.

1- Toogl

The Toogl app can help you if you fail with time management. All you have to do is start the timer via Toogl. This application shows you how much time you take. So, in time you can make your work more practical and increase your productivity, maybe you can change the way you do a lot of time. You can improve your time management with Toogl because you can see how much time you spend on your work.

2- LastPas

Do you have to log in to more than one account when you go to work in the morning? The LastPass app can save you from this job. This app records the password of all your accounts that you want to login. So, every morning when you go to work, you don’t need to think about which account to log into. When you enter LastPass, all of your accounts are activated.

As a task management application, can assist you in planning your work. To Do List, this application you can prepare reminds you as a notification. In this way, the work you do is not interrupted and time management can do better.

4- WeTransfer

This application allows you to easily send high-size files up to 2GB. The WeTransfer application links the uploaded files to the other party as a link. So, you don’t have to spend hours sending a file. In addition, the person you are posting the file can download the file easily via the link.


Wouldn’t you want to manage everything in one place? If you don’t have a personal blog, you can easily create your website on When you set up your own website, you can collect your social networks in one place. You can include your autobiography, share your calendar, photos and videos with your customers. You can also create your online community and manage it from here. In short, you can create your website free of charge through this application as required by your business.

6- LinkedIn

Social business network LinkedIn is a great practice to communicate with business professionals. A well-formed profile on LinkedIn will replace the resume. Thus, it will also save you the trouble of preparing CV. Here you can view profiles of people from your own industry and place a job ad. In addition, you can prepare presentations and articles about your business and include your achievements.

7- Trello

Trello application project management, team work is a very useful application. Through this application you can create projects and assign them to the people in your team. It is possible to find out who made the assigned assignment and the stage of the project. You can also prepare reports. You can also get help from this app so you can create a To Do List.

8- Unplugthetv

Unplusthetv is a website that sends you every day videos with interesting information on YouTube. In our intensity during the day, sometimes we may have moments to breathe. You can watch these videos and distribute your head, but you can also get different information in different areas.

9- HelloSign

HelloSign allows you to remotely sign and send all the documents you need to sign with your smart device’s touch screen. Let’s say you are on vacation or business trip, you can sign the documents sent to you through this application. Thus, you can manage your work remotely.

10- Zapier

With Zapier, a data storage tool, you can connect more than 750 programs. This application is very useful for managing your data flow. If you’re using more than one program, you make changes to one of the others. So, you don’t have to deal with all of them one by one.


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